Yeah. We have rules around, as any wiki with foundation needs to have. Read 'em over before you attempting editing, chatting or anything of the sort.



  • If someone rants over your talkpage don't retaliate. You're only making yourself look stupid and just as hostile in comparison. Grab an adult admin and you guys can talk it out.
  • You know those one line pages people make? Don't do that. One liners are unacceptable and shall be deleted on sight.
  • Don't target people on your page unless it's a joke and the person is fine with it.
  • Keep it PG-13 at the max if you're writing a page (aka no NSFW stuff). Unless it's based on official media that has been released.
  • Screamers, shockers and all that other stuff is a no no.
  • Creating spam pages (I.E making a page that only says "I LIKE RAMEN" or anything like that) is also a no no. Go to the time out chair.
  • Don't vandalizing others' pages. Even if it is a joke.


Note: This doesn't apply to founding users.

  • Bureaucrat is not to be given out for now.
  • 2,000 edits allows chat moderator.
  • 5,000 edits allows rollback.
  • 10,000 edits allows admin
  • Abusal of administrative or moderative powers (I.E, playing with the kick button, banning for your own personal reasons)  will result in strikes. All people of authority shall be given 5 strikes, after which you will lose the authority and have a very low chance of getting it back.


  • Don't argue. Debating about things is fine but when it gets to the point that both people are down right insulting each other that's when it becomes an arguement. It makes you look immature and hostile   
  • Don't spam.
  • NSFW, screamers, shockers and all other things you thing are innappropriate are forbidden on chat. Automatic kick.
  • Using anti-gay remarks (such as faggot, gaywad ETC) in their original meaning will result in an immediate kick. Saying it as a joke without the original meaning of the word is OK. But saying it specifically to insult people for being gay is a no no.
  • Don't stay in the chat for long periods of time. After loitering for two hours it will result in a kick.
  • U-Turning is a no no. Doing it to run from a kick/ban will either initiate a ban or longate it.
  • Don't drag others into your arguments. You're using them as a tool and you should be demeaned if anyone ever attempts this.
  • Derailing from a talkplay shall not be tolerated. This includes spamming, changing the course of conversation or using Joke Characters too ruin the RP. It's not funny.
  • Ignoring other users for illegitmate reason is not to be tolerated. No one deserves to be unrightfully ignored.

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