Video Game Journies 


Commander: The mesaure of highness in the society. They choose Consoles and train them                           

General: People who assist Commanders. First-party Generals stick to one Commander where as Third-party generals are often switching through Commanders.

Soldiers: Fighters who go out and defend the world. They also release Prouno Spheres which consoles use to level up.

Commander: NintendoEdit


First PartyEdit
  • Retro Studios
  • Game Freak
  • Rare (formally)
  • Sora Limited
  • Hal Lab
  • Nd Cube


  • Commander Sega and Sony kidnap, Mario in an attempt to find out Nintendo's army top secret new invention.
  • Mario defeats Alex Kidd
  • Mario and Sonic have one final battle in which Sonic nearly loses and accepts his defeat causing all of SEGA's empire to fall apart.
  • Bubsy comes and attempts to defeat Sonic (and fails miserably)
  • Mario saves the entire world.
  • Microsoft turns Team Rare to their side.
  • Microsoft holds Rayman back from sending out the chips.
  • Capcom holds Mega Man in a capsule refusing to use him, angering much of the public.
  • Naughty Dog gives Crash up.
  • Activision obtains Crash
  • EA rejects help from Nintendo
  • EA attempts to find a way to stop getting the Golden Turd Award.
  • Nintendo attempts pranking everyone with the 1DS
  • Square and Enix fuse
  • Nintendo Prez Loses Square's Favor
  • Konami absorbs Hudson.

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