Video Game Adventures Rap Battle 1 is one of the planned rap battles in Video Game Adventures


During the first episode when the Four Sides (Nintendo, Sony, SEGA and Microsoft) reach a stalemate with their fighters (Mario, Yoshi, Jak, Daxter, Sonic, Tails, Banjo and Kazooie) Jak ensues a rhythm battle by summoning Parappa, forcing the other teams to get their more musical members into battle.


( = Translated

.* = Action

{ = Parenthesis

Characters speaking in Unison Sonic: Alright Jak ready to surrender!

Jak: This better work BENTLEY!

Bentley: It will it's been modded to summon Sony D.N.A!

Yoshi:  *using his Yoshi Bomba to stop himself from propelling to the sky* YOSHI! (Get...)

Sonic: READY?

Daxter: JAK!

Jak opens the Assit Trophy capsule followed by a 4 way triangle gasp from Sonic, Tails, Yoshi and Mario.

Bentley: Heh...yes

Yoshi: *before hitting Jak, he's blown away by the blast of the Assist Trophy*

Parappa: Ahem...ready?

Silence followed by an explosion


To outrhyme some of they summoned




Bring Ulala, DK and Banjo!

I'mma cap 'em!

I helped invent the rhythm game 

Got some underdog fame

Didn't even need to cuss

My rhymes are so tame 

Your defeat is nearin'


My friends and I are always perserverin'

And it's on

This very basis

That we were conceived

We can do it Sony

All we gotta do is believe!

Sonic: Do you seriously think JUST because you start singing we're gonna engage in a rap battl--

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