The Urban Nobles are a faction that originates on Westside Island, founded by the deceased Dmitri the Dhole and currently led by Johnny the Muskrat. It consists  variety of members. It is affiliated with the  Diamond Dynasty, another faction, and consists of various motives and  often targets all enemies of the Diamond Dynasty as well as their own.

General backgroundEdit

The group was proposed back in 1997, 15 years prior to today. It was discussed with Dmitri and Darryl the Sable. After the faction became official, the two decided to recruit their friends and then their relatives. It was always meant as a good group but there were some members who were so-called spies. Due to the "spies" bashing them, Darryl left the group, traumatized.


  1. New Recuit- The lowest rank, the first rank when a member joins.
  2. Amateur- Any member with an understanding of what the Urban Nobles may do or try not to do.
  3. Fighter-  A reliable member, whom, is quick to think and fights head-on.
  4. Berserker- Any member who has lived in ancient times and have been to war.
  5. Ruthless Warrior- A member who is battle-hardened and is able to give intellect when asked for.
  6. Leader-  The leader of the group, who owns it.

Other ranksEdit

  1. Cadet-An apprentice fighter.
  2. Dead Man- a banned member of the group.
  3. Lost Soul- A former member who was deceased.

Each Rank has an abbreviation.

New Recruit (NR)

Amateur (AT)

Fighter (FTR)

Berserker (BSKR)

Ruthless Warrior (RW)

Leader (LDR)

Cadet (CDT)

Dead Man (DM)

Lost Soul (LS)

Gamer (GMR)

List of membersEdit

Johnny "Jon-Jon" The Muskrat (LDR)

Alfred the Dingo (FTR/AGM)

Isaiah Kerr (RW)

Donovan The Cougar (CDT)

Tyler, The Tanuki (DM)

Dmitri the Dhole (LS)

Boan the Velicoraptor (BSKR)

Shred Kerr (LS, later returned as DM)

Mr.Happy Face (DM)

Daniel The Armadillo (GMR)

Tobias (BSKR)

DeeJay Joshie (CDT)

Liam The Lion (FTR)

Aahil The Flying Squirrel (RW)

Jacob the Flying Squirrel (DM)

Adele The Sable (FTR)

Samantha the  Cat (RW)

Affiliate GroupsEdit

Diamond Dynasty (Since 2009)

Angels of Devils (Since 2005)

Assassin Brotherhood (Since 2001)

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