I never cared about the fame and fortune.I fight for the people who I believe in and people who care. Tye main quote while fighting his Anti universe self

Tye The Hedgehog
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Tye The hedgehog

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Tye Universe Comic Series

Tye The Hedgehog is a 20 year old hedgehog and a marverick and prime hunter who fight out of Control Reploids and etc... He currently lives anywhere or at the Zero base on mobius.He's a die hard Hero who doesn't hesitate to take action. And is well known by his partners Zero,Gash,and Kunai. Tye is Known for his Trademark move Tye EX Special.


Tye has a red and blue color scheme and is 6cm Tall.In his first apperance he looks like shadow but was blue and have green stripe with red jacket with a TX on the side of it.After that tye was red with a dark blue jacket,a dark grey shirt,lightblue pants and shoes and white gloves.His hair was sticking straight with one piece sticking down.



Prior to Tye having inside problems,Tye became more independent and more calm. Even though Tye is independent Tye sacrefice himself for the sake of others.(happens in many Rps and Tp's).However Tye want to have peace between everyone. When one of his friends got kidnapped by one of his old rivals,he went to go save them with his personality of brave and caring.


Tye was born at Ocean View after the war of Mobius went on.He was born as a battler.He only fought for what was right.Tye was sent to mobius in the future as a hero,until he noticed a statue of his future himself. After that he ended up fighting to the death with Anti-soma.Until he got defeated by him and taken to be a prisoner(Chapter 20: Prison break).He retuned to his time as the Maverick/Prime Hunter.


Official CharactersEdit


Tye is more of Sonic's partner whenever they meet.So basically he is Sonic's teammate for fanon.


Tye is like a friend to Shadow.Tye rarely sees him until Sonic Original/Fanon.

Other CharactersEdit

Zero the HedgehogEdit

Tye and Zero The Team Mp Hunters (Maverick/Prime Hunters).Both of them are like brothers(maybe They Are). Tye and Zero are like X and Zero but more Powerful.


Is Like a Friendly-Rival.Tye Does Anything For her to keep his Powers.Tye and Her Cross Paths ALOT. He Kinda Like Her a Bit.

Lili The HedgehogEdit

Tye is lili Love intrest but he doesn't know that. They Cross path most of the Time. Most of the time Tye ends up Teaming up with lili once in Tag Team EZ.

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