People you can't avoid. Even if you tried.

Brittney HarperEdit

Otherwise known as BreBreg and Xx-Sparksthefox-xX (what a whore), is the one who left Mr.Zaya traumatized. She talked shit like the hoe she was, and Mr.Zaya said this- "It wasn't about your art. I lost all respect for you. Fuck off you whore..." And he hasn't talked to her ever since.


Not much is known from him, but he's a 10-year-old semi-troll who says everyone fails. He's quite immature. He encountered Zaya and Bluray on a Building game, and he was trolling, so Isaiah deleted his seat brick and he flew off into the air. He became butthurt, and everything elevated from there.

Analy MercadoEdit

Not a troll, just someone you can consider one, hence, she goes off at every little thing, and has a crush on Zaya.

The ManslagsEdit

These are really Mr.Zaya and BlurayOriginals. They consist of 2 members- 09jmanslag and Manslag Returns. 09jmanslag was dealed with, and Manslag Returns was to troll 09jmanslag, but instead apparently it trolled Bluray.

Christian Weston ChandlerEdit

The High-Functioning Autistic hero that I don't like.

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