Super Baby Mario is a series by BlurayOriginals


As a child, BlurayOriginals and his friends played a game on the playground, which was adapted into a series of One Page Wonders by Bluray. The series started on Nov 21, 2008.


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In the Movie begining the series Bowser (A King Hearted King In This Dimension), adopts 3 Baby Children: Yoshi, Luigi & Roselina, to compaininate with his son Bowser Jr.. However, in an introduction to the house the Kids see a place that Bowser had banished the Axem Rangers a group of evil Traders who use to defend the Mushroom Kingdom from The Bullet Bill Army. Along with them King King Bill was sent to This Death Dimension As well. However, looking for a midnight snack, due to missing his barely remembered mom he is tempted by King Bill to open the hatch saying Bowser put his mom in it due to his hatred for yoshi's as most betrayed. Yoshi declines at first and instead decides to watch out tommorow.

One of the Axem Rangers reveals they had a phone, much to the Dismay of King Bill he takes it and trys to warn his Bills to Manipulate, but cannot get any bars so far to the bottom of the dimension. He and the rangers reach the top and tell the reaming Bills on Bowser's side (Pretending at least thier really spies for King Bill) to aim to take aim at Yoshi but miss. That day, Yoshi was playing outside with the others and almost gets kille dby the bills while he sees Bowser upstairs presumably firing at him. That night Yoshi tives into Bill's temptations and let's him free.

Bill and The Axem Rangers betray Yoshi (OF COURSE!) and leave him in the Death Dimension. With all this tention and stress in his Life the Death Dimension's magical affects take control of him and turn him evil.



Season 1Edit

  1. Run Away Bay-Bay
  2. Demon Yoshi
  3. Candy Craving Crazed Kids
  4. Yoshi Unleashed Part 1: Mischevious Mayhem
  5. Yoshi Unleashed Part 2: Un-tamed and Watch
  6. Wrath of the Girls
  7. Super Baby Mario Kart


Mushroom DimensionEdit

  1. Mushroom Kingdom

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