Sonic and the Secrets is an ongoing series created by BlurayOrignals and his cousin (who will go under the pen name PalletteGirl). 

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Sonic and the Secrets started on December 25, 2010 as a game between Pallette and Blu in which Blu played Sonic leading a desperate, one-man battle against a monsterously heartless Sally Acorn possessed by a vengence seeking Rosy the Rascal. The series went onto to produce many movies (later dubbed episodes as 20+ movies was considered overkill) to which lack of recording and monitoring led to mass confusion amongst the creators. It is currently being decided whether the series will attempt a recollection or reboot.

New EpisodesEdit

  • Bluray and Bulma: SuperSonic Saga
  • Bluray and Bulma: Posers in Time
  • Bluray and Bulma: Blossom's Inside Story 
  • Dark Rings Around Rosy
  • Pocket Adventure Full of Posers
  • Ash to Ashes We Alll Fall Down

Original SeriesEdit

  1. Sonic and the Secret Spirits
  2. Sonic and the Secret Genie
  3. Sonic and the Secrets 3:Return of Evil Sally and Evil Amy
  4. Sonic and the Secrets of Bulma's Overwhelming Power
  5. Sonic and the Secrets:Insanly Hyper
  6. Sonic and the Secrets of the Return of Knuckles
  7. Sonic and the Secrets of the Revenge of Rosy
  8. Sonic and the Secrets of The Next Adventure
  9. Sonic and the Secrets of The Revenge of Shadow
  10. Sonic and the Secrets of Tails
  11. Sonic and the Secret of The Chaotic Battle
  12. Sonic and the Secrets of Knuckles' Emotions 


  1. Sonic The Hedgehog
  2. Bulma The Genie Hedgehog(Not Realated in anyway to DBZ Bulma)
  3. Miles "Tails" Prower
  4. Knuckles The Echidna
  5. Shadow The Hedgehog
  6. Silver The Hedgehog
  7. Blaze The Cat
  8. Chris Thorndyke
  9. Maria Robotnik
  10. Chaos
  11. Tikal The Echidna
  12. Alicia Acorn
  13. Rosy The Rascal
  14. Amy Rose
  15. Rouge The Bat
  16. Dark Gaia
  17. Chip/Light Gaia
  18. Tails Doll
  19. Xaxis Daronic
  20. Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
  21. Ellie The Echidna
  22. Metal Sonic
  23. Sally Acorn
  24. Sonia The Hedgehog
  25. Manic The Hedgehog
  26. Egg Pawns
  27. Ray The Flying Squirrel
  28. E-123 Omega


Sonic The Hedgehog Base,Super,Hyper,Insanely Hyper,Ultimate,Darkspine,Water,Werehog,Super Werehog,Dark.Super ll
Bulma The Genie Hedgehog Base,Super,Hyper,Insanely Hyper,
Miles"Tails"Prower Base,Super,Hyper,Insanely Hyper,Impure Dark,Dark
Knuckles The Echidna Base,Super,Hyper,Insanely Hyper,Water
Shadow The Hedgehog Base,Super,Hyper,Insanley Hyper,Negative,Water,Dark
Silver The Hedgehog Base,Super,Hyper,Insanley Hyper,Angel,
Blaze The Cat Base,Burning,
Chris Thorndyke Base,Super
Maria Robotnik Base


Tikal The Echidna Base,Ageless,Fairy,Godess of Mobius

Alicia Acorn

Rosy The Rascal Base
Amy Rose Base
Rouge the Bat Base
Dark Gaia Past,Present,Pre-Awaken,Awanken,Past Fusion
Chip Gaia Colossus,
Tails Doll Base,Sealed,Unsealed,Insane
Xaxis Daronic Base,Super,Hyper,Insanly Hyper,Ultimate,
Ellie The Echidna Base,
Metal Sonic Base,Neo,Kai,Madness,Overlord
Sally Acorn Base,
Sonia The Hedgehog Base,
Manic The Hedgehog Base,
Egg Pawns Base,
E-123 Omega Base,
Solaris Mephiles,Iblis,Phase 1,Phase 2,Reborn


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