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Heroes (Yess these are all Canon Characters)Edit

Sonic (Apallo)

Silver (Apallo)

Shadow (Apallo)

Megaman (Apallo)

Rouge (not the bat) (Apallo)

Harp Note (Apallo)



Knuckles (KFC)


Luna (Apallo)


Zack (KFC)


Jack (Apallo)





Mario (Apallo)

Luigi (Apallo)

Bad GuyEditEdit

Dr. Eggman

Mr. King


Tails Doll

Tails Doll Red

Tails Doll Blue






Fanon Characters (Must have a sprite seet or Sprite Pic of them)EditEdit

Dan the Hedgehog (Hero/ Owned by Kakariko Fried Cucco)

To Catch up with the progress that i have gone through Watch this videoEditEdit

==Sonic's Nightmare: Megaman Moves InEdit==

Sonic: Wait! Oh No! This is more worse than the time when Classic Sonic tried to copy my look.

-flashback to Modern Sonic's Old House-

Classic: Hey Modern how do i look.

Sonic: Come In I cant see you.

Classic: Look am me no I finally wont be called chubby or cute any more *walks out*


-flashback end-

Sonic: I have to Hide! I have to....

Mario: Sonic Say HI To Geo adn Omega, Uh whatever.

Mega: Just call me Mega, That would Do fine. So, you the blue hedgehog that had a 20th Birthday.

Sonic: What? You dont reconize me? From the Brawl Entries.

Geo: No but we know what happened.

Mario: Oh, you are thinking about Classic Megaman this is the Starforce Megaman.

Sonic: Why do you remind me of Chris Thorndyke?

Geo: Who?

Sonic: A kid who helped me and my friends when we landed in his world. And once did a crazy stunt by using chaos controll by machine and came there. I was so glad that he went back home.

-someone knocks on the door-

Sonic: I'll Get it.

  • at the door outside of the house*

Sonic: Oh I thought you were Silver.

Dan: Arrgh, hide me *bolts inside*

Sonic: Why?

Dan: Crazy black hedgehog, pink muzzle and 10ft hammer coming for.

Amy: *faint* Sonic, i'm gonna kill you come out where ever you are, just come out here so its quick and painless.


Geo: Amy? You mean that Pink Crazy girl? Reminds me of......

Luna: GEO!


Dan: Arrgh. Got to hide!!!!!!!! *Runs and hides under a random bed.*


Dan: I see too many crazy, pycho, b*tches lately.

Luna: Ex CUSE ME Your the bitche bitch

Mario: Uh.....

Luna: *kicks mario in the balls*

MArio: owowowowow how did i not see that comming

Dan: Definatly too many, crazy, pycho b*tches.

Luna: GEO LET's GO!

Geo: NO


Sonic: Your a bitch.

Mario: Mama F***er


Dan: That is it* comes out from under the bed* Get out you crazy, pycho b*tch. Chaos Control' '*Teleports with Luna then teleports back by himself* Finaly my ears aren't hurting any more.

Luna: You can keep me away from my bitch bitch

Sonic: ahahahahahahahahahaha!

Dan: What?!

Sonic:She.... She...... Cut off one of my spines

Mega: aahahahahahahaha!

Dan: Hehe........crap.

Luna: Now Turn into Megaman and Let's go Home Or else I will cut you hair off

Dan: If you don't go away I will personaly send you to H*ll. And I'll give and express ticket

Luna: I will cut you too.

Orcupia: Leave her alone.

Vouge: No You wont hurt Luna. *this is her Wisard in SF3*

(no dan i cant do that in the movie im not that good yet)

(all you have to do is show me having a red ball in my hand have a beam coming out of the house forget the aura that just for decoration)

Luna: Dont make me cut Sonia

All: !!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dan: Don't make me crush your Hunter VG.

Luna: I'm Rich Bitch!

(kick her ass already)

Silver: *pickes her up* Hey Bitch.

Luna: Throws tampon*

Silver: aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Sonic: Silver ewww.

Dan: I didn't know that 1 year olds could use tampons.

Luna: Im a growing lady

Geo: No she_________s her self to a picture of me as Megaman every night.

(seariously dan beat her up already)

Dan: I can't take any more. *Does a series of punchesand kicks. After wards he is seriously messed up.* Enjoy H*ll. You'll fit in perfectly. *Smashes her head*L

una: All of you will pay. ZACK BEAM ME UP! *gets beamed up*

Sonic: Wow. Any way

????: I got you sonic:

Sonic: aaaaaaaaaa!

(Ok we did a little to much for part 2 but let's keep part 3 short and funny and then we can edit this part)


The Wrath of.... Luna?!EditEdit

Mario: Sonic has been kidnapped!

Dan: Who would be stupid enough to do that? Wait..... that Hedgehog that tried to make a hedgehog pancake out of me.

Geo: Trans Code.... MegaMan!

Megaman: Ok who is the hedgehog..... Amy?

Dan: Yeah think that is her name. Sonic gave me this picture to burn *Shows the picture of Sonic and Amy* He said that is what Amy usually looks like, but he must of p*ssde her off some how and she's for revenge.

Sonic: a aaaaaaaaaaa

Silver: Is the blond she-devil gone

Dan: Does it look like I'm punching some b*tch. Yes, she is gone.

Silver: Good she scares me....... any way i saw amy drag sonic to the old house

Dan: No one wants to know whats she is going to do to him.

In the old house

Amy: Sonic, have my babies!

Sonic: No you evil bitch i broke up with you! Go away!

Back to the rest of them

Dan: I think it is best we don't talk about that scene and speak of it again, deal.

Megaman: Ok.. but....

Dan: If we don't stop Amy, the same thing could happen from PureChaosRage's Amy gets Pregnant ?!?!?!?! and we get are *sses handed to us, and our rib cages will be swapped around witr our pelvuses.

Megaman: What happened?

Dan: In the first episode Sonic gets r*ped in his sleep one month ealier. Then the baby is born, it kicks their *sses by going super when ever it wants, and can kick 3 people who kick *ss at fighting get their butts kick. In a later episode it blows up their house in one move. Goes dark, kills the Tails doll with his own sythe that he stole from him. Then he makes a deal with Scourge and that is where it ended for now and that is a bad propspect.

Megaman: Sound's like what luna would do to me.... Any way let's go and mario......... Get some rest

Dan: Alright, Silver where is Sonic's old house?

Silver: NoNoNoNoNoNo! Im not going back!

Dan: Fine then, but I'll publish the photo of you in that makeup on the internet, *shows the photo in question*

Silver: Fine Fine It's up north!

Dan: How far north?

Silver: It's the Small House Here [1]Added by Apallo The HedgehogDan: Thank you, now lets go, CHAOS CONTROL. *Teleports to Sonic's old house* Ok, lets go *Walk into the house* Sonic, where are y.........OMG what is that?

Queen Orcupia: I told you i would get you back now die

(just to let you know Luna Bud and Zack are the alternate Chaotix in my sprite series)

Dan: Get back or I'll use the infamous..........WTF bomb!

Queen Orcqupia: I'll play Karma Cameleon!

Dan: I'll have Charmy burn you, Vector saying 'Find the Computer Room' for 40 hours non stop, the Karma chameleon song and because I'm merciful the WTF bomb comes last.

Queen: Im immune to Charmy because the Chaotix are my bitches as well.

  • at thier house*

Vector: Find the Prez's Room

Bud: Find the Computer Room

  • back to the house*

Dan: How could you hire them, they are so stupid they don't know what the difference is between a bug and a giant. This my last resort..........

Queen: Because they remind me of Bud Zack and Geo.

Megaman: So youre saying that im a Pyro?

Queen: No you are like Epsio

Megaman: Then in that case. *blast her* you're a bitch and i never wantet to revive you after Joker killed you

Dan: revived her? And don't you dare call him an Espio you are an *sshole. Now I have to call in the only thing you hate....... (BTW I know that happened)


Queen: I cant die in this form now say hello to servititude.


Dan: ARRGH, what is that?!

Megaman: Oh My god! It's Sonia!

HarpNote: That's Right and im going to take that bitch down.

Queen: Really pinky? And nothing can beat Karma Camelon.

HarpNote: Nothing but....... THE DROWNING SONG! [2]*tuns back to luna* Luna: Ok You win!

Dan: Whew, now where is Sonic?


Dan: Hold on Sonic, we are coming. *They go to the source of the noise* Here we are and just what the h*ll is that, this just wrong to the extreme.

Amy: This is my love room prepare to die.

Dan: Holy S**t, holy s**t, run for it *grabs Sonic* run for it, RUN.

The Real Wrath Of AmyEditEdit

Amy: all of you will die.

Dan: Arrgghhh, run for it, run for it, run for it, crazy, pcyho b*tch is gonna kill us!!!!!!!

Amy: But first silver you are going first.

Silver: No! Why! *gets owned*

Dan: Because you probably get pwned too easily. Where was I ......... oh yeah, RUN FOR IT, RUN!!!!!!!

Silver: Not this time! Silver will Be a Pwnage master

Dan: Not like likely. *shows different example of Silver being owned.*

Silver: Oh? I have Psychokenesis. *picks up amy and throws her*

Dan: So, Amy now has a 10 ft hammer which she is gonna hit you with. *Amy's 10 ft hammer hits Silver*

Silver: *grabs hammer* Now if you are you'll exuse me, I'm going to screw Amy. If i did her, then she will die.

Dan: Bloodfest, ugghh, wheres the popcorn?

Silver: *black screen* Ok amy im going to lose my virginity to you!

Amy: Nooooooooooooo!

Sonic: 10 minuets later

Silver: Well i f****ed her to death and everyone is safe.

Dan: *eyes wide with shock* What.....................the.........................h*ll.....................was........................that? If anyone was watched Mario's Reaction to Meatspin on Youtube by GameMaster1989 I am about to have the same reaction except with puking arrgh here it comes Chaos Control *hear puking sound and toilet flush*

Shadow: Silver im proud of you. *shoots him*

Silver: OwOwOwOw. How did I not see that coming


(Yay, were finished.)