Sickol 'N Skaith (Sickle and Scythe) is a series of the misadventures of two brothers. Skaith, the older one, is the "man with the plan", while Sickol, the younger, serves as the cooperative person helping Skaith when he needs it most. Although their plans are often thwarted (ironically, by the villains), Sickol always gets "payback", as what hem would consider it, by blowing up the villain (or their base, IF they have one.)

List of CharactersEdit


Scythe "Skaith" Blade (Voiced By David Kaufman), the main protagonist, is always getting into trouble, and thinks he never regrets it, and usually doesn't. Although he's seen as the hero, towards the characters in the cities refer to him as one. Luckily, out of all the trio, he gets the majority of the heat.


Dagger "Daghur" Blade(Voiced ByMike Henry), the tritagonist, and the leader of the Slit trio (Skaith, Daghur, and Sickol), whom is the oldest brother. Although he is part of the trio, he is not mentioned very often.


Sickle "Sickol" Blade(Voiced by James Arnold Taylor), the deutergonist. Not much is to say about him, but he often gets very cocky and makes wrong decisions.


Marias "Sparks" Prower (Voiced By Dionne Quan)The main (and only) antagonist. She is a fat bitch who nobody likes, even Sickol. She was thrashed continuously by the Slit trio simotaneously, and was murdered in the last episode.

List Of EpisodesEdit

Life is too long for us-The three start their journey.

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