Rayman Rising is a series created by BlurayOriginals to pay tribute to the Rayman series.


The idea of Rayman the series came as he observed the series more after the release of Rayman Origins. Episode sketches have been and 4 major sagas are planned.

Planned Episodes/SagasEdit

  • The Magician Saga
  • The Rush Arena M Saga
  • The Baby Glute's Gambles Saga
  • The Rabbids Returns Saga
  • The Rayman Legends (includes apps) Saga
  • The Other World Saga
  • Electoon Legacy
  • Land of the Lipid Dead
  • Rayman's Origins: Fusion


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Main Story Edit

The Magician Saga

Following the events of Rayman Origins the revenge-bent Ales Mansay (the Magician) has used the lums crashed with his ship to manipulate the mind of Dark-Dreamer Jano. With the Darktoons banned to the Land of the Livid Dead, bodacious nymphs captured, and Polokus (creator of the Glade of Dreams, in which his every thought for good or for bad comes true) stressed, trying his best not to have nightmares, it's up to the limbless, cocky Rayman, the maximum boxing glute, Globox, the king of all teensy the Grand Minimus and Gotho (Goth Teensy) former guardian of the Land of the Living Dead.

Settings Edit

The Glade of Dreams Edit

The main setting of the series is the Glade of Dreams (an formely flat disk planet which expanded into a sphereical planet) originally created by Polokus along with two suns & moons. Unless a crossover occurs most eve

Episodes Edit

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