You are a Boy/Girl Named Pence/Miki and your father left you and your mother home to go fight a great war to decide the fate of your home Region of APALO and it's Enemies from the Regions of METLO and ZOOL. The Battle Raged on for 12 Years. You are Now 17 years old. Your Father is Dead But has Left You and Your mother very Wealthy. APALO has won the war for it's and the other two Region's Fates and has Now Nominated that Your Mother, Sience your father was the best fighter in the war, Run the Region's Labortory to replace ur father. Also It is Your Birthday and the start of your Journey...You depart for The Tri-Region Academy Tonight....
Welcome to the World of...

Present Day.... You are In VALKI's Academy...
You have graduated the classes and have used the School's Pokemon Correctly and with expert calibur and ability. Your Party is going well get a mysterious letter from you mother back in APALO saying that you come bakc quick....
The Next Day...Your Home Town Of Arborhiem
You arrive at Your Mother's Lab and she presents you a Starter Pokemon of your choice. Suddenly You Girfriend/Boyfriend Comes up and Takes the other one and tells you rumors of a huge consperiency and the Legend of the Falling Five. Five Legendary Pokemon who Created the 5 Kingdoms. And So...You Walk out with your Lover and decide to gather your friends up to Make your team and Set forth to find the truth become a Pokemon Master

Character Info and Location Info:

Main Team
The Main Hero: 17 years old and a Graduate of the Pokemon Academy
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: 17 Years of age. Also a graduate of the Pokemon Academy
Terra: A ground and Rock Pokemon Expert. Also 17. He lives in Quarry Town in the APALO Region
Aqua: Water and Ice Pokemon Fan. Beautiful and also 17. She Is You Roomate in the Academy
Dixie: A Blonde Haired Girl Who Lives in Crand City. She is 19 and Loves her Farm Pokemon
Shade & Ray: A Brother and Sister Duo that uses Psychic and Dark Types. Shade is the older Sister at the age of 17 and Ray is the Brother at the age of 15

Team Awsome: Just Common Crooks who have a grudge against your team.
Team Black: One of the Crime Families who are causing trouble in the 5 Kingdoms
Team Yellow: The Electric Uses who are rivals of Team Green.
Team Green: Grass Uses who rival Team Yellow
Team Nox: No one knows who or what this team is made up or why but it is bad news.
Gym LeadersComming Soon)

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