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In the past there have been groups of people that have been many groups of people that have gotten close to world domination and some even a catastrophe that would destroy the fabric of the universe.....The first was Team Rocket, a normal band of crooks and criminals lead by their mastermind and former Kanto Gym Leader: Giovanni. Then there was Teams Magma and Aqua of the Hoenn Region, Team Galactic of Sinnoh and lastly Team Plasma of the Unova Region.

In order to avoid anymore groups like the former from being started, the Pokemon Rangers have decided to stop their services in order to create a new band of protectors called The NPS, The National Pokemon Squad.

In this group In this story you are a young Boy/Girl who's father, Nex Leoheim, is a top ranking member, who is also very well respected and followed member of the NPS. He was married to the Region's Pokemon Specialist, Prof. Aroura Cherry Leoheim (married name). Together they gave birth to A Young Boy named, Adam and a daughter 9 years later the same day and time Adam was born. Her name was Crysilis. Around this time Nex left for a mission to stop a group of criminals who have been at war with the NPS for the past 7 YEARS. He did not return....

The gang has not given up thier war even after the arrest of thier first leader years ago.....and Rumors of Corrupt Units in the NPS have been spread around.... Also another mysterious group has been doing some dirty work of late. There is no information on them what so ever..

It has been 9 Years and adam is now 18. He Now Returns home after graduation from the Pokemon Academy on Greenleaf Island to live with his mother and Sister. When he arrives, Adam is presented with a package from a mysterious cloaked Man with a hood. It was Nex's Uniform and a note saying that he is alive and he wants Adam and only Adam to follow him. When he showed the Note to his mother she knew that Adam would bring him home. She tell him to join the NPS to recieve his starter Pokemon. And So....Adam Left his hometown of Arborheim to join the NPS to find his father....But Little does he know....there is more to this than just finding him.... a dramatic group of events await him...

Characters Edit

Main HeroesEdit

  1. Adam
  2. Crysilis
  3. Nexter
  4. Prof. Leoheim
  5. Director Kenshin


  1. Floanna-Grass
  2. Aquatia- Water
  3. Zlair-Electric
  4. Magus-Psychic
  5. Magro-Fire
  6. Cirrus-Flying
  7. Buzzi- Bug
  8. Drag-Dragon

Main VilliansEdit

Team RougeEdit

  1. "Da Boss"

Team Dark-NexusEdit

  1. Drk-Nexus Leader: Nero
  2. Admin Raj
  3. Admin June

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