The following roleplay is available to everyone! And please read the rules before you start. Although this Roleplay is avaliable to all read this list its rules are important to the roleplay! Free Join! A towering maze has been located in Grand Metropolis, and all of the citzens have been evactuated. A Group confident mobians lead by Geo The Hedgechinda (Use To Be Hedgefox Changed Due To Design Issues) decide to defy G.U.N's orders to stay away and take on the challenge of the mysterious Mobians inside. Will they prevail and make new friends or shall they be defeated by this chaotic attention grabbing villain or the corrupt, belligerent ways G.U.N? (And before anyone asks yes this was inspired by Lost In The Labyrinth.)










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  1. Only I can unpause/pause the roleplay, add subtitles, alter pictures, To be continue, at the end of episode, etc.
  2. Do have to say these two:No G-MODDING OR UNPAUSING ANY TIME!!!!(You may add your character during pause sessions though)
  3. If someone keeps erasing your character and even puts their character there please report to admin.
  4. Don't troll.
  5. The rule changes this time as youc an rign on the Door bell and come in!
  6. Please put your username next to character to avoid confusion.
  7. No Emeralds or anything like that.
  8. PG-13 Nothing above!
  9. No twisting plot to revolve around your character. (Side stories ok)
  10. No using Canons.
  12. No Crossovers
  13. Just add your character to the Roleplay and not the list and I erase it.
  14. 3 Strikes and your banned
  15. No killing.
  16. Do not edit when Paused.
  17. 12 Characters per User.
  18. Only 10 Users
  19. You may make your own group of heroes and join other groups but not create villain groups.
  20. 16 People per group.


= Dead

= Taken Out Of Group Villain

Group OneEdit

The group of protagonists that take the center.

  1. Geo The Hedgechidna (Blu)
  2. Bluray The Fox (Blu)
  3. Yipper The Bat (Blu)
  4. Annie The Cat (Blu)
  5. Aleah The Fox (Blu)
  6. Pablo The Fox (Blu)
  7. Ivy Prower (Gurahk)
  8. Angel Caroso (Gurahk)
  9. Clyde O'Donnell (Gurahk)
  10. Kyle Oikonny (Gurahk)
  11. Jimmy Canvas (Gurahk)
  12. Joseph the Wolf (Gurahk)
  13. Brittney the Bat (Gurahk)
  14. Tammy Watercolor (Gurahk)
  15. Christy The Squirrel (Blu)
  16. Vegas the Fox Hybrid
  17. Siegfried the Wolchidna (Wolf9400)
  18. Falco the Eagle (09jhero)
  19. Hero the Echidna (09jhero)
  20. Jimmy the Rabbit (Teamdarkfan2)

Group Two Edit

The group of protagonists that take the left

  1. Eva The Hedgegoose (Blu)
  2. Yasumi The Possum (Blu)
  3. Axel The Hedgehog (Blu)
  4. Plasma The HedgeFox (Blu)
  5. Allison The Fox (Blu)
  6. Fetalia the Dark (Gurahk)
  7. Shine the Hedgehog (Gurahk)
  8. Kathy the Echidna (Gurahk)
  9. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  10. Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)
  11. Shock the Hedgehog (Apallo The HEdgehog)
  12. Zoe the Hedgehcat (Apallo the Hedgehog)
  13. Pierce The Cyborg Hedgehog (Sonicsmansion97)
  14. Jackie The Fox (Sonicsmansion97)
  15. Sigma Hale (MaverickHunterSigma)
  16. Eryka Capoeira (MaverickHunterSigma)


  1. Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  2. Talian the DracoCat (Gurahk)
  3. Alan the Grizzly Bear (Gurahk)
  4. Patrick the Bruin (Gurahk)
  5. Carly the Harlot (Gurahk)
  6. Uber-Seedrians (Gurahk)
  7. Telos Nyctores (MaverickHunterSigma)

​Chapter 1: Trip To The Tower! Edit

Jan 8,2011 11:00 Am

News Reporter: And to end our report, a mysterious tower has appeared in downtown Grand Metropolis, and all citizins are adviced to stay away. G.U.N Troopers will take on this Tower in 5 hour--

Geo turns the TV off, via remote and stands up. "Well, I guess it's time for me and my friends to assemble and see this for ourselves!" Taking a smirk he ran out his door ready to gather his group.

He runs right into someone just outside, walking by. He stumbles and falls right onto his butt.

"Sorry about that," Geo said sincerly. "I'am Geo! Who are you?"

He stood up and dusted himself off. He was a wolf with dreadlocks, ripped-up gloves, and most notably, bloody bandages around his forehead. "It's alright," he said. His voice sounded somewhat sad by nature. "My name is Siegfried."

"Whoa," Geo said with a suprised look. "What's wrong?"

"Yeah, you didn't hurt me," Siegfried replies, thinking that Geo was referring to knocking him over.

Jack & Patricia: (appears) Hey guys

"Oh ok. Hi Jack Patricia!" Geo said. "You saw the news?"

"What? What was on the news?" Siegfried asks, interested.

"A Mysterious tower has appeared, in mid Grand Metropolis promising an entire maze."

"That's odd," Siegfried says, even more intrigued.

Jack: That's really odd, maybe we should stay away from the tower & forget about it, ok?

"Heck no! We're going there and checkin it out!" exclaimed Bluray.

"HEY BUMRAY!" Laughed Geo.

"Are you serious. You too?" siad an annoyed Blu.

"Uh," Siegfried says, "maybe we should stay away from it."

Patricia the Skunk: I'm going to check it out too

Jack: I was afraid you we're gonna say that

"Well I'am going there, and checking it out." Bluray jumped off to his Hometown

"We have to go get him before he gets himself killed!" said Geo.


Vegas walked toward the tower curiously, not automatically realizing the people in front of her, but she really was just observing, "Wow that's weird..." she muttered to herself.

Jack: Hi Vegas

"Have you seen a child with black hair?" Geo says referring to Bluray.

"The doors won't open!" yelled Bluray.

Vegas blinked and turned around hearing her name and a large screaming, "Oh hey Jack! Sup?...Hey dude, you shouldn't be messing with that door, it could blow up or somethin'"

Jack: Maybe I can knock the doors down

"That wouldn't be a good idea, you don't know what's behind that door." Vegas replied.

"Uh..." Bluray shudders staying back from the door. Bluray's Characters walk over, obviously ready for the tower.

Patricia the Skunk: Don't worry Vegas, we'll stay together

"If you all are seriously planning on knocking that door over you do realize the first thing Im going to do is duck and cover right?" Vegas muttered worriedly and irritably.

"Hey, Bumray" Said Aleah with a sly look. "This doesn't look good..." Whispered Plasma.

Jack: That's it, I'm knocking the door down (takes a few steps back & runs at the door, trying to Ram the Door down)

The Door stands still unfaised by the tackle.

Jack: Ok, I'm trying that again (takes about 8 steps back & runs at the door, trying to ram the door down again)

"Looks like that door," Vegas pulled out some sunglasses out of thin air and put them on, "ain't openin'"

Jack: I'm not giving up yet. Like they say, 3rd times the charm (takes about 15 Steps back & tries it again for the 3rd time)

The door opens sending Jack in and an intercom begins to speak. "So my little rats." said the intercom. "Split up and enjoy the game.""It's time to become to grouops one left one right." said Geo.

Vegas began rolling on the floor laughing "Oh geez! Ha! Jack! Hey Jack You alright?" She began calming down after the laughter, "No seriously Jack that was pretty funny 'you alright?" (XD)

Jack: (feels dizzy) I feel okey dokey (falls flat on his face)

Geo divides the groups and tells them to get ready for anything. "Ready?"

"Wait what? No! I REFUSE to walk into a dark, strange, dangerous, random, evil, tall, life-threatning, trapped TOWER." Vegas ranted on.

Patricia the Skunk: (comforts Vegas) There, there, it's ok. We'll get out of the tower soon. I knew we will

Vegas took a large step back, "Nope! No! I refuse, and no one can convinve me otherwise."

Jack: Would someone do it for Sonic?

(...Would you do it for a Scooby Snack? Sorry I had to make the refrence :D)

"We'll be fine." Exclaimed Bluray. Let's go guys!

"Will you do it for a cookie. >:)" Ask Aleah smirking.

Siegfried, who had decided to tag along, gulped audibly. "I'm not too sure about this either..."

Joseph: (walking by) Great! Now I'm lost!

"Hye Joesph!" said Bluray. "We'll be fine," assured Bluray to Siegfried.

Siegfried sighed. "Can I-- can I go with you?"

Joseph: I gotta find my friends!

"Sure," Bluray and Geo said. "Come on and we'll beat this tower." Bluray finished"

Zoe: Help T<T

Joseph: Huh? Zoe!

"Let's get up there!" Exclaimed Christy.

"Let's divide the groups first" Geo said.

"Thanks," Siegfried says to Geo and Bluray, a bit nervously

"No prob." Geo divides the group and the doors to the entrance shuts closed.

"It's time for the craziness to begin" Said Axel excitedly.

"I'am not sure," whispered Christy.

"We'll stick together and make sure we stay alive." said Geo.

Now all that stood between them and the maze was a cheap Mario Brick Wall.

"That's pathetic," said Yipper annoyed by the reference.

Brittney: Joey!

Joseph: Huh? It's Brittney! I hear her!

"Come over here Brittney!" Yelled Christy.

Brittney: Where are you guys?!

Zoe: T.T My brother...

Brittney: (the group can see her pass by from another corridor, but she can't see them) Guys, wherre are you?!

"First floor!" yelled Bluray.

Brittney: (runs down and sees them) Joey! (runs and hugs him)

Joseph; WHOA!!!

The intercomn turns on. "Next time wait". And so they went up.

Your in my group" Geo said to Brittney.

"I can come with you too, right?" Siegfried asks Geo nervously.

Joseph: So where's Jimmy?!

"Sure" Geo said confidently. "Is something wrong, you sound kinda worried" "Losen up, we'll be fine. Geo said comforting Siegfied.\

"Jimmy, said he'd be here" Christy worried to herself.

Siegfried sighed. "I am worried."

"Worried, eh? Asked this next Mobian. "Worring now should be the least of your porblems now.

?????: HUH!!! Take that, ya pervert!! KYAAA!!!

Brittney: That sounded like.....

Joseph: Tammy!

Siegfried got even more worried by this next comment, and it sure showed.

"I'am Pablo" said the Mobian shaking Siegfried's hand. "You need to chill out."

"Sorry," he said, with a very small sign of a stutter. "I'm just a bit... well, scared..."

"No worries, I'll be back. Pablo runs off.

"Who was that guy?" Bluray asked the group.

Vegas was following behing grasping one of her tails nervously, "Who? Where?"

"Why are you guys so scare?" Stay calm Bluray said assuring Vegas & Siegfried. "We'll be ok."

Siegfried isn't very reassured, and it's pretty obvious.

Vegas shook her head, "We are in a STRANGE, tower going UP stairs right? I HATE high places I seriously just don't want to go UP anything or meet and strange creatures!" Vegas whined.

"Don't worry we stick togther and prot--I sound like an anime character that gives speechs." Blu said We'll be fine we'll just protect each other. Everything will be fine."

"Yes. yes you do," Vegas replied, "Whatever, Im just going to close my eyes and follow your footsteps and PRETEND I am in my own little imaginary world here."

"I think I'll do that too," Siegfried says.

"Ok whatever," Bluray said annoyed. They climbed up the stairs.

Siegfried walked next to Vegas. He thought she was the most sensible one there.

Joseph & Brittney: (rush upstairs)

Zoe:0holds Joey;s hand and runs with him-

Vegas shut her eyes and started up the stairs, " I am in a beautiful valley, with flowers and butterflies EVERYWHERE." Vegas muttered to herself.

Geo said "group one to the left group two to the right you ready when we're ready I'll say "go"".

Siegfried decided he would stay next to Vegas. Whichever way she went, he would too.

"Okay, im assuming Im group one," Vegas whispered.

"Yeah" Bluray said. "Follow me you too!" Bluray said wanted to guide his new allies

Neos:-in the air hooked up to soemthing- H-help

Brittney: That voice....Neos! Where are you?!

Eva jumps up saving Neos. "No need to threat!"

Jack: Hello?

Patricia the Skunk: Is someone there?

????????: (hiding in the darkness)

Jack: (notices ????????) Hello?

Patricia the Skunk: Huh?

(More Villains Pleez)


Siegfried automatically hesitates. He didn't like it when he didn't know what was going on. That certainly included now. He was liking this tower less and less by the minute.

"Alright whos there?" yelled Annie!

Patricia the Skunk: (To ????????) Don't be shy, we're not gonna hurt you

"Unless your evil, then will TRASH you." said Kai cockily.

Jack: (facepalms) Oh boy

"Well, we will!" Kai retaliated against Jack.

???????: (chuckles)

Jack: What's so funny?

"No time," Geo stated. "Let's keep moving."

Siegfried gulped. He really didn't like meeting new people, on the off chance that they were not good people.

Fetalia: (turns into a very attractive girl) You may need some help....

"What the..." Geo said with an odd face.

Siegfried was even more surprised than Geo. He really didn't like any of these people, and was only staying with them because he didn't have anywhere else to go.

"Ok guysthe doors will open shortly."

"Hey, you thinkin' of startin' the party without me?" Sigma said, dashing up behind the group.

"Hey... wait up..." Eryka said, panting.

"Wow, we haven't seen you in at least 3 months, Sigma" Eva said. "Who's your new friend." Axel asked.

"Yeah, spent the time trying to quell the Telos Rebellion. Those Irregulars barely know how to fight." Sigma mocked. "Oh, and this is Eryka. She's a friend of mine."

"...Hi..." Eryka said, still out of breath.

"Hi," Siegfried barely muttered.

"Oh well Hello!" Eva said shaking Eryka's hand. "What happened to Ferham?" Asked Axel.

"From what I heard, she was, uh... experimenting and learning new spells, with the help of a friend." Sigma answered.

Eryka shook Eva's hand, recovering quickly.

Geo divides Sigma and Eryka into groups. "Once, you enter there is NO turning back!" Said the intercom.

Siegfried immediately looked more worried, and wanted to back out. "I don't want to go in there anymore," he muttered.

Sigma and Eryka simply did what they were told.

"Stay back we'll come back for ya, budd" Geo said once again tring to comfort Siegfried.

Sigma was simply waiting for further instructions.

The Metal Door Opens with to Chuck E. Cheese Like tubes in front.

"Group 1 Follow me left, group 2 right tube" Geo said.

"Alright I'll lead Team 2" Eva exclaimed.

"Where am I supposed to wait?" Siegfried asked worriedly to Geo.

Sigma and Eryka simply followed their respectful groups. (I'm confused, are my characters in the same group as designated or no?)

(Same Group 2)

(Alright. :3) Sigma was following Eva. So was Eryka.

Siegfried sighed. "What do I do?" he asked Geo, a bit scared.

Shine: (speeds up to them) Need some help?

"Stay with me." Geo insisted. "I'll make sure your ok."

"All right," Siegfried muttered, holding back the full extent of his fear, and sticking right next to Geo.

Patricia: What should we do?

Jack: We must get outta here at all costs

"Alright," Aleah says.

Eryka was trying to keep up with Eva. "Does this happen often?"

"Nah," Eva tells her.

"See? This is why you need to get out of the hangar more often." Sigma said.

"Riiiight..." Eryka replied.

"We got trapped in the Emeralds." Axel said to Sigma.

"That seems to be the state of affairs, as it is." Sigma said.

"For like 3 months. It reinforced our bodies though, making us very powerful!" Eva said happily.

"So, that's what you were up to for three months?" Sigma asked. "I really didn't get anything out of retiring those who were once my comrades."

"Well the summer was insane and then we got trapped till December 1,2011." Eva stated.

"Just in time for Christmas." Sigma chuckled. "At least it... sort of worked out for you in the end, right?"

"Yeah," Eva continued.

Sigma smiled. "Honestly, I wish I had gotten more involved in your escapades than I did. This damnable war with the Irregulars has been interfering with everything."

"Ok team into the tubes!" Geo yells.

Geo's Team Slides Down The Tubes.

Sigma and Eryka were simply awaiting orders.

Siegfried tried to stay next to Geo. Geo seemed like a decent guy, maybe he could protect him if they ran into trouble.

Tammy: (running after them)

"AH!" Screamed Aleah. "The Tube is to squished. WHO's the stupid person who let us all go at the same time!"

Geo whistles.

Tammy: You gotta let me come with ya! Jimmy's in trouble!!

"Geo, you dumbass" Annie says annoyed.

"What's at the end of this tunnel" Yipper said worried.

(Sigma: Hmm... I guess this wasn't officially "paused", but I hadn't the slightest idea what to do...)

Jack: Does anyone have anymore ideas?

Chapter 2: No Turning Back!Edit

((The characters in group 1 enter the tunnel and it turns into a slide))

Patricia: (hears Group 1's Screams) What was that?

Eva: They must've fell down a slide to!

"I'm just going to take a wild guess that both paths are equally dangerous." Sigma said.

Yeah," Bluray said trying to grabs some slide.

Eryka was simply following her group, not really predicting what would happen along the way.

Kathy: I have a bad feeling about this....

"We all do." Christy said.

Tammy: I hope Jimmy's okay....

"Me too". Christy said scared of what might have happened to him.

"When does this tunnel end!" Geo yelled.


"What?" Geo asked.

"I see light!" Aleah yelled.

Brittney: I do too!

"A SPIKE PIT!" Geo screamed "Guys grab on to each in a ball hold onto the zip line thing! What are those called anyway?" he said to the group.

"Oh no." Bluray said not sure whether he wanted to grab on or get spiked.

Geo grabs onto the Zip Line Grapple and awaits for people to grab his legs while avoiding the spikes.

Sigma seemed to be deep in thought at this time.

Brittney and Joseph: (grab onto him)

"Where did Siegfried go?" Bluray wondered.

"Is this really the time to be wondering!??!?!" Aleah yelled at Blu.

"Yes, how about the fact if HE FELL IN!" he replied.

Tammy: Oh Jimmy Canvas....where are you?!

"I think he's been through here" Geo replied to Tammy. "I sense his life along with the one of a seed like lifeform in the next room."

"Then start swinging!" Annie yelled.

Everyone starts the swing on the vines, trying desperatly to get to the otehr side.

"Is there a message there trying to get across? A zip line grapple and nature vines" Bluray says.

"Your overanalyzing!" Aleah responded. "Just swing!"

Jack: (swinging from vine to vine all the way to the other side) That was fun

Patricia: (makes it to the other side) I know right

Jimmy: (Comes out of hole) whats up docs who are you.

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