• 11/24/14- It's finally here! The first Mario Monday! Check out Super Mario Chronicles ' for the final versions of the first 3 episodes (Donkey Kong Country, Hotel Mario and Undake30 (added to SMB3))!
  • 12/1/14- Round two! Here's Luigi and Boo as well as Mario's FUNdamentals (paired with Mario Teaches Typing), Mario Picross and Donkey Kong Land.
  • 12/8/14- Mario Dream Tennis, Dream Picross and Clash join along with the plumber himself!
  • 12/15/14- Bucken Berry jumps back into Mario Mondays! He brings three episodes with him: SatellQ, Donkey Kong Country 2 and Wario Land: Secret Treasure of the Awazon!!
  • 1/5/15- After a bit of a break the series is back! With two big episodes, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario 64 and a littler one: Yoshi's Panepon! Ashley and Red as our characters too! 
  • 1/14/15- Bowser's original spoiled brat Wendy O. Koopa has joined the gallery! Her episodes are Donkey Kong Land 2 (fuses with Country 2), Mario's Picross 2 (placed after Super Picross), DKC3 and Mario Kart 64




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