Season 1Edit

Episode title Date Synopsis Episode Number Character Debuts
Flood In The Grand Metropolis! In the series premire of this grand spanking new series, Bluray's arch-enemy from Zeo Hill Middle is out to get him and what better way than by exploiting his weakness? Find out here!
Bluray's Bad Valentine's Day Terra's love for Bluray is taken a little too far
Bluray's Bad Valentine's Day Part 2 Bluray's going through mood swings due to Terra's potion. It's up to Bluray, Eryka, Eva, Axel, Isaiah, Shred and Ferham to get Geo to make an antidote before midnight strikes!
Bluray's Bad Hair Day Part 1 (Mr. Zaya) Bluray's hair gets a parasite causing his hair to gain powers. Bluray begins to play Spider-man and save innocents.
Bluray's Bad Hair Day Part 2 (Mr.Zaya) The parasite begins taking over Bluray's mind, causing him to have to go to Frog Forest to find the mushroom cure.

Ferham Returns

Ferham comes back after a long time and Isaiah gains a crush on her. He goes around trying to get advice on how to get her.
Field Day Frenzy Part 1: Bluray's Return to Schooland Bluray and his friends are challenged by his former school. Due to rules Bluray and five of his friends are forced to win the normally friendly Field Day Games.

Field Day Frenzy Part 2: The Blundered Games

The heroes are doing incredibly well so it's up to the school jock Kenny Schnauzer to humilate the living hell out of Bluray, how will they win this bout?

Field Day Frenzy Part 3: Spite/Night/Plight to the Finish

It's an all fight to the finish in which our heroes are forced to face their worse fears

Dark Rings Around Rosy

Pocket Adventure Full of Posers TBA
Ash to Ashes We Alll Fall Down TBA
Bluray and Bulma: SuperSonic Saga TBA

Bluray and Bulma: Posers in Time

NiGHTS' Haunted Hotel of Horrible Heinous Havoc and Homicide TBA
Blue and Chewie's Excellent Adventure TBA
Bluray and Bulma: Blossom's Inside Story TBA

A Terra-ble choice


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