Just Another Day is a fanfic/parody(of Johnny Test), Written By Mr.Zaya. It is the same as Johnny Test, but different characters and for some episodes, the plot may be different other than its Johnny Test Counterpart.


  1. Johnny Test-Isaiah The Red Wolf (Isaiah Carr in this case, Mr.Zaya)
  2. Dukey-Banzai The Dark (Mr.Zaya)
  3. Susan Test-Eva The Hedgegoose (BlurayOriginals)
  4. Mary Test- Sparks Prower (Mr.Zaya, Original owner Sonicfan66 on DA)
  5. Hugh Test-Luther The Wolf (Mr.Zaya)
  6. Lila Test- (Angella The Coyote)
  7. Eugene "Bling Bling Boy"-Daniel "Blade" The Tasmanian Devil (Mr.Zaya)
  8. Mitchell "Bumper"-Dalek The Crocodile (Mr.Zaya)
  9. Sissy-Dixe The Jackal (Mr.Zaya)
  10. Gil-Axel The Hedgehog (BlurayOriginals)

List of EpisodesEdit

Ep.1a:"Isaiah To The Center Of The Earth"-Things have been mysteriously been pulled underground, making Isaiah and Banzai believe that the people behind this are "mole people".