Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Apallo jr As Born in Star City. His Father Apallo Already was on an adventure with Sonic and never saw his son's birth. :( When He was 6 His mother Fiona Fox. Decided to tech him how to fight....So Sending him to fight school....was where he spent his childhood. He Met his Friends in Middle School and decided to Run a Business when they got old enough....And So they Did.

Teen YearsEdit

This is when he ran from home and became a bounty hunter. He has saved the world some times and even has a fan base........ he works with Heart the Android Hedgehog and Cloud the Hedgehog in his own business, Solar Flare Hunters Co. He lost his first love to Blacklust....a Hedgehog who Lead a Group of Minions to Try to take over the world... 


Battle ( Start )Edit

  • Im Well Known For a Reason
  • Clown....Get Ready Cloud (Vs. Cloud the Hedgehog)
  • Dad always tought me not to hit Women and Girls..... But I'll Hit you (Vs. Heart the Hedgehog)
  • -Sighs- Come on Pops (Vs Apallo The Hegehog)
  • Blacklust, This time I'll End You. (Vs Blacklust)

Battle ( Win )Edit

  • Aw Come on, i didnt hurt you that bad!
  • Kids this is what happens when you act like a Clown (Vs Cloud The Hedgehog)
  • When She wakes up..Oh Crap..... (Vs. Heart the Hedgehog)
  • The Apple Doesent Fall Far From the Tree As They Say (Vs Apallo The Hedgehog)
  • -huff- -huff- It's Over...(Vs. Blacklust)

Battle ( Lose )Edit

  • Im not up for it i guess
  • Owwwwww! You Win (Vs Cloud TH)
  • -Sighs- I Lost to Heart. Crap (Vs Heart TH)
  • Dammit Dad! (Vs Apallo)
  • I...Failed (Vs Black Lust)

Ranking QuotesEdit

  • -A Thumbs Up And a Smile- " Not Bad, BUT COOL!!!" - S Rank
  • " I AM JUNIOR! SON OF APALLO!" -S Rank In Super Forms



Currently 14


Element Change, Chaos Powers, Flight, Super Transformations


Super, Super 2, Turbo, Darkstar, Fire, Ice, Water, Lighting, Ninja. Blade master


Solarblade- Obtained from His Grandfather the God, Sunburst


his late girlfriend (dead), hs crush Rebecca, His friends. His Father and Mother, Sonic and the other Heroes and his weapons


Eggman and his alies, anyone who is a follower of Blacklust. His Grand-Master that he left behind, Headaches

Themes Relationships and MoreEdit


Heart The Hedgehog (Best Friend)

Cloud the Hedgehog (Best Friend)

Sonic and His Friends

Jaydon the echidnahedgehog (Brother in Law)





Rebecca -Crush (on Chill Sonic Fanon)

Copy WeaponsEdit

Junior can copy an ablity from an enemy after defating it storing a special attack move into his 3 Swords: The Iris, The Nexus, and The Tempest.


Vs Blacklust (All 3 Parts)Edit

File:Dissidia Final Fantasy Music Chaos Last Battle

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