Isaiah: Well, now that's out of the way... *goes to sleep*

Eva: I:(...I'am out. *Leaves house*

Devin: NOPE. *blocks Eva*

Eva:Ah who are you how did you get in the house and WHY NOT!

Devin: I'm locking down this house so nothing can stop me from ruling mobius!

Eva:Ok I wanted to watch TV anyway >:)

Devin:.... *locks the house down*

Eva:Isaiah Wake up.

Isaiah: What?

Eva:Some weird guy came in and said he is taking over.

Isaiah: TAKE COVER! *Falls onto the floor*


Isaiah: Some n00b locked us down in our own house! BROCOLI!

(The defense explodes)

Eva:?*Teleports out*

Axel:O.O Why didn't I think of that!

Shred: Because you didn't. \

Axel:*Teleports out*

Shred And Isaiah: *teleports out*

Eva:That guy was stupid.

Axel:What about BROCOLI!

Devin:WUTSHUSAI? *slaps Eva*

Isaiah: Brocoli destroys any defense.


Isaiah:*humps Eva's leg* OH SHIT! THAT BOI'S CONTROLLIN ME

Devin: YUP

Eva:Eww CHAOS--

Axel:No don't bUT i THINK HE LIKE'S YOU >:)


Isaiah:*breaks out of it and slaps the FUCK NIGGERHEAD outta Axel* Dude, that's Eva the Hedgegoose. Not Vegas the Fox Hybrid.

Axel:I was talking about Devon *Walks off*

Eva:YEAH IA'M FREE *Punches Devon*

Devin: NIGGERSHIT BLAST! *Fires one at each of them*

Eva:Oh crap!

Isaiah: OH SHIZNIP!! *blasts a KAKARAT BALST at him*

Eva:...O.O Well it countered but he is probably still up and ready to troll us.


Isaiah:OH SHIZZZZZZZZZ *nearly gets wasted*

Axel:*Turns around*OMGz!


Doldier (Devin Soldier): Hmm. Weaklings, Yes?

Axel:No derp face you are the weakling.Your a solider there are like 2 trillion more of you.

Doldier:*kiks Axel into the house* You were saying?

Axel:I was saying that barely hurt....KICK HIS ASS! *Uses Chaos Arrow*

Doldier: *jumps*

Shred: OH, THE HORROR! *goes super, picks up Doldier, spins him around, and throws him into a building site*

Eva:*After it hits the Wall she teleports and snaps its neck*

Doldier: *plucks himself and he is restored to full power* NOW... WITNESS THE POWER OF THE ULTIMATE DOLDIER! *powers up to Hell's Unleashed Doldier* Hm hm hm... *picks Eva up, and sends her into the three*


Eva:*Smashes into them inturn smashes them into the wall*

Isaiah:*flat into the ground* LOSE SOME BUTT!

Devin: Hmph. You want me to die, you'll have to lose your friend... *points to Isaiah*

Axrel:Oh yeah an alter ego iif we kill Zaya or Devin the other one dies...I got it! Zaya kill you self with Eva's blade*Throws Blade*There are like Twelve thousand ways to revive you without Devin.

Eva:I'll destract Devin*Walks up to him.

Isaiah:*stabs himself in the chest*

Eva: D;

Axel:I didn't think he'd do it.

Eva:*Smashes Devin in the stomach*AND THATS FOR MAKING HIM HUMP MAH LEG YA PERV!

Devin:*starts to dissapear until he is gone*

Dolider:*his nega-spirits leave him* (His name is Bruce The Lion)

Bruce: Hey... Thanks for saving me from his control. *runs off*

Eva:Thats was odd...How about we go find the Emeralds and Vegas Fox to ressurect him.


Shred:..Eh, why bother? Vegas doesn't even LIKE Isaiah. Plus, she goes out with Sonic and Silver! What a slut...

Axel:Then lets find another girl...

Eva:*Telports away*

Axel:Ok then a DIFFERENT girl.

Shred: Isaiah doesn't like Eva like that...

Axel:Ok I got something lets clone her!


Axel:Ok screw this lets et some Dragon Balls.

Shred: Fine.

(Should I end this and continue it to the next episode or go on?)

(Yeah Next Episode)