(Note: This page is editable ONLY by Mr.Zaya, BlurayOriginals, MaverickHunterSigma and Apallo The Hedgehog.) Isaiah And Shred's Adventures is an (possible upcoming game) RPG/Fighting game that consists of 5 playable protagonists- Isaiah The Red Wolf, Shred The Red Wolf, Ferham Spades, Axel The Hedgehog, and Bluray The Fox. The events take place in chronologic order of the series. In contradictory to the series, Eva is not a starter character, she's an unlockable.

List of Zones

  1. Cascade Hill Zone (Which, also, in contradictory, in the show, it takes place supposedly in Green Hill Zone)
  2. Dustdunian Base
  3. Green Hill Zone
  4. Dusty Dunes
  5. Scepter Of The Gaiden (Of Ancient Power)
  6. Molten Marble Hill

List Of Houses/Locations

  1. Isaiah and Shred's House
  2. Ancient Gaidens
  3. Sky City

List of Bosses

Major Bosses

  1. Devin The Lion (And His Army)
  2. Xeno The Chameleon
  3. Toxin The Chameleon (Ironically the older brother of Xeno the Chameleon and run-up character)
  4. Donovan The Cougar (Whom, becomes a playable hero)
  5. Rave The Lion (The Lesser Known brother of Devin; Shred's alter-ego)
  6. Rage The Unknown (Final Boss)
  7. Super Rage (Final Boss after obtaining all the emeralds)

Minor Bosses

  1. Joey "Mr.Happyface" The Fox
  2. Danbot (Metal Daniel)
  3. Metal Isaiah
  4. McScruff The Demigod (Flying Squirrel)
  5. Mercury The Cougar
  6. Senitel Oswald (Peminulate Boss)

Playable Characters

  1. Isaiah The Red Wolf
  2. Banzai The Tasmanian Devil

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