Timeline 1-Isaiah And Shred's AdventuresEdit

June 3, 1961- Jared the Wolf, aka Dr.Skarr is born.

September 3, 1963- Eric the Tiger is Born.

1969-Marion,Daichi's father was born.

January 4,1970

July 9, 1973- The war between the Dusdunian Empire and Cascade City for the independence of Cascade City occurs.

September 21,1980- The war between the Dusdunian Empire and Cascade City ends, with the outcome of Cascade City winning the war.

Feburary 17,1984- Isaiah, Shred and Jason's half-sister is born.

March 23,1984- Eric's son, Eric Jr., is born.

June 19,1989-Jason is Born.

March 6, 1991- Tyler, the Tanuki is born.

April 13, 1994- Mercury is born.

May 1994- Sugar is born.

December 11,1996- Donovan is born.

May 20, 1998-Shred Is born.

October 23,1999-Bluray is Born.

2000-Ferham Spades is born.

March 20,2000-Xeno and Toxin, the genetic (robotic) clones of Espio are created in Dr.Skarr's lab.

January 3, 1998- Emmanuel (Banzai) Is born.

February 24, 2000-Sparks is born.

September 15, 2001- Isaiah is born.

April 16,2012- Toxin fights the heroes in Green hill, resulting Toxin to explode at his defeat.

July 10-14,2012- The Green Hill National Fighting Tournament comes to Green hill. The winner is unknown.

February 24,2013- Sparks Is murdered by Shred, who died as well on that day.

Circa March 2025- Banzai and Aleah are married.

January 4,2033- Zaytwo(or Zaytew), the genetic clone of Isaiah, is created in Dr.Skarr's lab, the reason is to avenge Xeno and Toxin and defeat Isaiah.

January 12, 2033-Dr.Skarr is killed by Mordecai and Raphael, in his 80s.

January 15, 2033- All of Dr.Skarr's unrealeased clones escape out of their cells.

Timeline 2-Isaiah And Shred's Adventures (BASTARDIZED)Edit

April 19,2024- Sparks was never murdered, and Isaiah married Sparks.

Timeline 3- Chaos QuestEdit

Timeline 4- Raph And MordoEdit

October 12, 1995- Raphael the Falcon is Born.

December 9,1999- Mordecai The Margay is born.

Timeline 5- Bax and VexiliusEdit

January 1,3001- Bernard "Bax" The  and Vexilius

Timeline 6-Skarr and the Wrath of powerEdit

June 3, 1961- Jared the Wolf, aka Skarr, is born.

Timeline 7 Rai'ka and DarcyEdit

Timeline 8- PARADOXEdit

Timeline 9-Rock on SteroidsEdit

Timeline 10- FeejaysEdit

Unkown dates for this timeline

1.Christian and Isaiah eat a Feejay fruit, and become Feejays.

2.Dr.Psycho is killed by Isaiah, and Anthony is released and sucsessfully avenges Dr.Psycho by defeating Isaiah.

3.Isaiah dies, and is reborn by Aaliyah's purposes.

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