In Unova, a 10-year-old novice Trainer lives in Nuvema town with his mother, and seeks to be the new champion of Unova. Although he thinks he's ready, he still has a lot to learn before he reaches that goal, and especially without the help of his friends.

List Of CharactersEdit


One of the three main characters. Sometimes he gets ahead of himself and his friends, but even though he knows it's not what he was born to do. He helps his friends with whatever strategy he can use for the situation.


One of the three main characters. He can be cocky. Wants to be the strongest pokemon trainer of them all. Can be helpful to his friends.


One of the three main characters. Pretty ditzy and bubbly, she forgets a lot of things often, but can be a rather excellent friend.

Pokemon (As far as the series)Edit

Isaiah's Pokemon: OshawottEdit

Rad's Pokemon: SnivyEdit

Asida's Pokemon: TepigEdit

List of EpisodesEdit

Episode 1-Welcome to the World Of Pokemon!-Isaiah and his friends recieve their first pokemon! And already they battle each other!

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