Because that stupid honky MHS won't edit, and that fat fuck Eva killed Isaiah when he didn't NEED to be killed.

you all fucked up the original series, way to go you asswipes

also, there were too many plotholes and thus causing the whole original series to be a paradox

Ice & Mr.SpeckEdit

Ice & Mr.Speck (originally Isaiah And Shred's Adventures Revised) is a remade version of the original series. It has all the characters from the original, and you get the picture. Isaiah, Shred and Jason get in sticky situations from time to time, and yeah.


Isaiah the Irish Wolfound-The main protagonist. He is the youngest brother of three. He is an 11-year-old Irish Wolfhound with a very spunky and straightforward attitude. He often goes on adventures with his friends, and at times, curiosity can get the best of him. He is also the boyfriend of Ferham Spades.

Shred the Irish Wolfhound- The middle Child. A 13-year-old Irish Wolfhound who is the brother of Isaiah and Jason. He is arrogant, quick-witted but still friendly in most times. He is the deutergontist.

Jason the Irish Wolfhound-The eldest brother of the three. He goes about his business silently and doesn't speak to others unless they speak to him. Some consider him rather suspicious. He is the tritagontist.

Eva the Hedgegoose- A friend of Isaiah & Shred, normally out to help the two.

Ferham Spades- Isaiah's girlfriend. She is a cunning (yet caring) siamese cat or sumfin. MHS BARELY GAVE US INFO ON HER

Mordecai The Margay-The boyfriend of Eva the Hedgegoose. He is a mild-tempered Margay who has found his purpose of life, to protect the innocent and battle against the vile. He is also the cousin of Donovan and Kendall the Bobcat(who'll I will introduce eventually).

Banzai The Tasmanian Devil- A 14-year-old Tasmanian Devil. He is the son of Helias and Ciara and also the brother of Jeoff.

Recurring charactersEdit

Daniel the Armadillo-An angelic being who has a burning passion to dedicate himself to the innocent, like Mordecai. He is somewhat close-minded and steadfast on his goals, but he is warm-hearted.He is the best friend of Daichi.

Donovan The Cougar-A long-time friend of Isaiah.

Axel The Hedgehog- A former enemy of Isaiah.


Johnny The Muskrat- An inventor, he often comes up with bizarre inventions that aren't needed for everyday life.

Erik The Dingo-Youngest sibling of three. He is the brother of Richard and Gina, and the second son of Thomas and Juliette (Isaiah's aunt and uncle). He is retarded. He is also EXTREMELY strong in strength.

List of episodesEdit

Episode 1: A day in the life of Isaiah-...

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