Hyperion blast is an elemental ability, where the user absorbs light and energy from the cloud and sun, and then sends a charging blast of chaos power. The creator of this move was Donovan the Cougar. The element of the attack depends on the weather (i.e. if it's raining, it'll be electricity).

Variants of this AttackEdit

Uranian- The user fires a universal blast and sends a blast full of poisonus gasses. If sucessful, the target will be left poisoned (Due to Uranus' atomosphere).

Gaea(Gaia) Shard- Known as the mother of the variations (due to the definition of Gaea), the character sends a celestial shardlike beam at the target. It is known to be super effective against the darkness.

Request of the Power- Similar to The Gaea Shard, but far more powerful.

Eos' Plea-A raging jet-like blast is fired to confuse a target.

Apollo's Plea-Similar to Eos' Plea, only a fire attack.

Mistic Tackle-Theuses mist absorbs solar power and charges covers in the gold energy.


Donovan The Cougar

Eva The Hedgegoose

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