Scene 1 : The New WarriorEdit

Scene 1 : Seeing VivianEdit

Sonic: Well Vivian thanks for freeing us from being statues

Vivian: Awe Your Welcome

Vivian:Mario Can I Join You and Your Friends Again?

mario : Nods

Vivan: Yippie -kisses his cheek like in Thousand Year Door-

Luigi: Mario! >:O

Sonic: Woah!

Bedum: Well Vivian If your Joining Mario I Guess We Must Be On Our Way. COME MARLIN!

-the two sink back into the shadows-

Sonic : Who were they

Vivian: My sisters

Stuffwell: Master Mario! Master Sonic! Where are you!?

-stuffwell walks over to Mario, Sonic and the others-

Stuffwell: -sighs- Thank Goodness

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