This is the story about a group of Mobians who chose to become heroes and decied to go to the Emerald Revenue Academy. In order to become heroes like they dreamed to be they must do everything they can do to pass and fulfill their dreams. This Series Was Created By Apallo The Hedgehog. Chao Are also Welcome in this series

When we gain atleast 10 people then i can start the series

Characters - The Limit Is Endless And Anyone Can Join - Note Girls Wanted-Edit

  1. Minta the Hedgehog (Apallo the Hedgehog)
  2. Inukshuk the Hedgehog (TheRatKing)
  3. Ordian Drentin the Hedgewolf (Shadow DragonKnight)
  4. Fiora Drentin the Hedgewolf (S-DK)
  5. Raelon Dragonbane the Hedgehog (S DK)
  6. Velocity the Hedgehog (KingJoe69)
  7. Melody The Cat (~Apallo The Hedgehog~ 06:08, August 9, 2011 (UTC))
  8. Ghost The Hedgehog (~Apallo The Hedgehog~ 06:08, August 9, 2011 (UTC))
  9. Kimmiko the Seedrian (~Apallo The Hedgehog~ 06:08, August 9, 2011 (UTC))
  10. Isis the Cat (~Apallo The Hedgehog~ 06:08, August 9, 2011 (UTC))
  11. Krinkinko the Hedgehog -Sonicfan919
  12. Droget the Frog -Sonicfan919
  13. Petunia the Porcupine (PIUPZ)
  14. Amy the Penguin(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  15. Queen the Penguin(Kaytlinfence)
  16. Kake the Uknown(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  17. Tia the Hedgefox(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  18. Ellie The Echidna (Bluray)


  1. Mr. Tomas
  2. Professor Lyrica
  3. Prof. Pegasis
  4. Madam White
  5. Eva Patterson
  6. Deen Myain
  7. Miss Mya
  8. Mr. Max
  9. Libarian Maxie

Sagas and EpisodesEdit

Year OneEdit

  1. Episode One - The First Day of School
  2. Episode Two- 1 Day, Then 4 Months ~currently underway~
  3. Special- The School Olympics
  4. Episode Five- Mascot Mayhem
  5. Episode Six- Magical Moonstone

Year TwoEdit

  1. To Be Announced


Main Opening Theme For First EpisodeEdit


Alternate Opening ThemeEdit