Cyber Zay


Ageless (Assumed to be chronologically 45)


Ferham ("Wife") Akiko (Biological Daughter) Unnamed Son Shred (Biological Brother) Jason (Biological Brother)




Aleah (Formerly), Ferham (Formerly and ironically), Shred,Tyler,


Cyborg/Irish Wolfhound (Cú Faoil)


Ferham, Akiko, his son, being heroic,being spiteful (to his enemies, as he is somewhat witty),having his peers and family believe in him


Shred for betrayal, Tyler for his sick-mind, being yelled at, being disobeyed


6'3 (estimate)


210 lbs. (If it wasn't for the fact he was made into a cyborg, he'd be approx. 113 lbs, so it added 97 lbs.)



"Yo! Come at me! If you can manage to..."

—Signature Quote

Cyber Isaiah is the cyborg recreation of Isaiah. Cyber Zay was meant to have a higher performance of Isaiah, such as defense, speed (most importantly) and power, and the leader of the Urban Nobles (Āban kizoku/アーバンノブ) until leaving it, along with Shred. He was "ressurected" by the collaborative efforts of Daichi, Johnny, and most importantly Aaliyah and Aahil.


2 years after Isaiah's death, his corpse was dug up, by Johnny The Muskrat, Daichi Honda, and Aaliyah the Dog. The procedure had several trial and error, numerous time taken out to make it work, and after half a year it was a complete success. While the few worked to recreate Isaiah and make more of him, they also added special abilities for him to be stronger when engaged in combat.

Abilities, Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Like The rest of the cyborg-turned Urban Nobles, Cyber Zay (Isaiah) is capable of many more than before. He still has his fair share of weaknesses and more advantages.  For example, he can fire homing missiles if he is equipped with them;  but he can make bombs out of thin air.


NOTE: Some moves can only be used if the needed tools/objects are equipped.

Bombard- Cyber Zay fires homing missiles at the target. (needs to be equipped)

Super-Souped Punch- Zay stores explosive energy into his fists, and punches the enemy straight in the face.

CD Throw-  Zay throws CDs at the target. This is considerable to be comedic relief in some situations. (needs to be equipped)

Bomb Toss- Zay creates a bomb out of thin air and throws it straight towards the target.

Icey Explosion- Zay creates a ball of ice, which at first appears to be a harmless sphere. He then plays with it for a while, and throws it straight in the targets' face, which (may) freeze(es) them.

Steel Kick- Isaiah charges at the target at a fast speed, and kicks them.


"I assure you that you shall be ultimately defeated for your wrong doing. I, Isaiah, shall get my revenge for your wrong doing!"-Cyber Zay to Shred, before the two fight

"Two years have past since my death. From then, I have been revived and rebirthed; I perform much higher... my speed, steel-hard defense, my incredible strength.... I live to honor my family."

"Even when I'm down, I still focus."

"...Water? NO, I refuse to go into water! I'd short-circuit and most likely EXPLODE!"

"I am Isaiah Kerr, nowadays known as Cyber Zay since my recreation. I am the leader of the Urban Nobles, which I represent, a legendary squad of heroes. What is your business here?"


Cyber Zay is loosely based off of the design of Isaiah's Exoskeleton suit.

Cyber Zay still has a foot fetish.

Cyber Zay is the only one (along with Raphael) who has been made into a cyborg who has not lost their sense of feelings.

Though Cyber Zay was made into a cyborg, he still has his skeleton within his body.

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