Level 1:Edit

In a remote corner of the world... an entire island is in danger. And only the greatest mad scientist in the world can prompt such a danger! Self-proclaimed doctor, professor and full-on villain Neo Periwinkle Cortex and his "assistant" (the one who pulls off all of the fantastical feats) Nitrus Brio have created the Evolvo-Ray a device capable of mutating animals into their mindless slaves so that they can take over the world. They've captured many creatures and taken them to (the self-dubbed) Cortex Island, a small island off of the coast of Australia, their new base of operation. However, when trying their machine for the first time something goes wrong. The planned leader of the group has been mutated last of all the mutants, but rather than becoming an intelligent and malevolent creature bent on helping Cortex and Brio conquer he's become a scatterbrained and goofy creature barely capable of speech. This mutant is the one we eventually came to know as...

Crash Bandicoot!

Crash escaped from jumping out of the nearest window. Of a 30 story tower. Into the ocean. Needless to say he would've been drowned at sea had he not been saved and brought to the shore of N.Sanity Island by a benevolent mask known simply as Aku Aku. Together Crash and Aku Aku liberated N.Sanity, Wumpa and Cortex Island taking on other fearsome forces such as the property protecting Papu Papu, the ridiculous and rampant Ripper Roo, the cretinous cocky Koala Kong, the powerful yet poised Pinstripe Potoroo, the nutty Nitrus Brio and eventually the cruel Cortex all of which are brought down. Crash saves his girlfriend Tawna and baby sister Coco from Cortex's clutches and together they live happily ever-- who am I kidding you all know it only gets even more intense from here.

Cortex survived the fall from his blimp and landed in a cavern containing the first ever discovered Power Crystal.

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