Bluray's plotEdit

Bluray is one day relaxing in which a small child warns him of the danger that lies ahead. The Solar Scepter has been put in the hands of someone evil man and it's up to Bluray and three other chosen ones to team up and retieve the Lunar Locket (the only item powerful enough to defeat the Solar Sceptor) from Frog Forest's hidden temple. However, Diana has been notifyed to stop Bluray and his three friends by her own father!

Brad's plot Edit

Brad is deeply in love with Gina the Dingo. At first he only did this as a way to agitate Bluray by stealing the girl he thought he liked (as they went on a one time Valentine's Day date.). He later fell in love with Gina for her personality and actions. An old man says that the world is in grave danger of an evil little boy and that Brad must assemble a team of four in an attempt to combat the child (Jester) and his heroes (Bluray and co.) and if he suceeds in this plan Brad will get one wish....Brad intent to cause Gina to fall for him.

In the end two groups want the Lunar Locket and ultimately one will get their desire.

Characters Edit

BluBunch Edit

Bluray and his three friends

  • Bluray the Fox
  • Banzai the Tazmanian Devil


Brad's quadrio of heroes

  • Brad the Bat
  • D

Abruptive AttackersEdit


The people mainly antagonizing the main groups

  • Apallo and Diana the Hedgehogs (attempting to stop the BluGroup from obtaining the Lunar Locket)


The minions of the two jewels.

  • Solar Spawns (The villain's own twisted minions.)
  • Lunar Lifeform (The Lunar Locket's own way of defending itself.)

Chapter 1: Will Start Soon. Edit

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