This is the conflict between Bluray The Fox & Gina The Dingo.

Overview Edit

One day, Gina decided to joke around and eat Bluray. Bluray taking it little to seriously, called her a name and the Conflict began. Erik then saw Bluray attacking Gina, and Erik fought Bluray until Gina decided to eat her brother. Bluray was thankful until she tried to eat him, causing him to step back while she anal evacuates her still alive Brother, Erik. Erik uses his special move "Change" and switches bodies with Bluray and flies away.

As we continue Bluray the mini Great Mighty Poo being finds the lab of a scienetist known as Bob who for 500 rings gives him a clone fusion named "Ginrik". He has Ginrik trade bodies with Erik and as soon as Erik joins Ginrik they defuse and Clone Gina has Bluray's Body, Erik has Clone Erik's body, and Clone Erik is in Bluray's Body as well. Clone Erik Suicides and Clone Gina Trades Bodies With Bluray giving him his body back. Clone Gina being in The Poo Body Explodes. And even after getting Erik his body back for him Erik still dislikes him for attacking his sister (Ironically his sister ate him and turned him into Poo, however this could have just been a tactic to transform Bluray into poo as a punishment).





Bluray: *Sitting Under A Fruit Tree Drawing*

Gina:*eats him*


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