The FIrst Episode of BBFD.

Chapter 1: The Begining!Edit

Bluray: *Drawing Something While Watching TV*

Terra: -doing her "business" standing up in the bathroom- MMMMMMbluray.....-day dreams about him and her-

Aleah: Whatcha drawing Bumray?

??????: *Knocks On Terra's Door*

Terra: O.O UM just a sec!

??????: *Waits*

Terra:-puts her pants on and belt and her bra and shirt- OK!

Joshua & Riley: *Enter* The Door* Hello I'am Joshua and this is my friend Riley. We would like to know if you know the whereabouts of a Fox known as "Bluray".

Terra: Uhhhh he lives in the place across from here-

Joshua: Thank you very much! >:) *Walks Out Door*

Isaiah: HAWAIIAN PEOPLE! (Who are you people?!)

Joshua: Oh no one special... *Him and Riley Leave*

Isaiah:...That was rhetorical...

Terra: -looks out of window and Sees Isaiah- Oh No!-locks all her windows and doors-

Riley: Hello "Isaiah". Do know that girl.


Riley: Ok then... well seeya... *Walks Off*

Bluray: *Across the Street setting up a Small Rocket*

Isaiah:What's going on?! Bozos...

Bluray: Oh hey Isaiah! I'am just trying something!


Bluray: I'am practicing by keeping this Rocket in the air when the fuel runs out.


Bluray: *Watches The Rocket Blast And Then Propels It In The Air With a Kick*

Terra:-looking at bluray through the window-

Bluray: Cha! *Kicks Rocket Onto Terra Lawn* Whoops, better go get that.

Terra: OMG OMG OMG-faints-

Bluray: Hmm? *Looks Into Window And Sees Terra Fainted* *Shudder* I would ask you to try Isaiah, but your way to strong for this.

Terra:--------------------- fainted------------------

Bluray: Maybe I should Help. *Teleports In House*


Bluray: *Loocks Around* Where is she bleeding?!?!

-she is bleeding out her neck because she dropped a glass and fell on it=

Bluray: Ah Um!.... PK HEAL! *Heals Terra And Shakes Her* Terra!


Bluray: *Teleports Out*\

Terra: -wakes up seeing that there is blood on the ground- OMG 0screams and breaks the windows-

Bluray: Terra, calm down! Your ok now!


Bluray: What is it Isaiah?

Isaiah:I don't like her.

Terra:B-blue ray is this yoru blood?! - hyperventalates-

Bluray: No It's yours :). But I healed you.

Isaiah:OH GAWD! I saw Lisa have the same thing. It was entertaining, since I hate her.

Bluray: Whoever Lisa is.

Isaiah:A bitch is what she is!

Bluray: Ooook....

Isaiah:Like Terra.

Bluray: Terra isn't a bitch, she's a stalker. There can be a difference.

Isaiah:Whatever floats your boat.

Bluray: K then. I'am gone. *Picks up Rocket and leaves*


(Next Scene)

Josh: Heh...this 'll be a snap their hero butts won't see it coming...


Bluray: The Grand Metropolis is under attack. This'll be easy.


Bluray: Look at the news.

Omochao: Hellp fair citzens of Planet Mobius as seen here mysterious robots of neither Dr.Ivo Robotnik, G.U.N, or the Ancient Nocturnus clan have been seen terrorizing down town Grand Metropolis!

Bluray: Let's go!

Eva: All right.

Richard:Oh. Oh wow. As if I've never experienced something like this...

Bluray: People attack cities all the time. This will be child's play.

Richard:No shit.

Bluray: OK Eva, Axel let's go solve this. *begin walking off and shut the door*


Eryka was currently at Grand Metropolis, on the alert. "So this is what they mean by being at the wrong place at the wrong time..."


The unidentifiable robots: *throw a car*

Richard:*slashes through the car with a spindash*...Oh wow. How cliche.

The unidentifiable robots: *walk up to Bluray*

Bluray: *stabnding there missing his mouth*

The unidentifiable robots: *throw Bluray into Eryka*

Eryka was caught by surprise, but tried to catch him once she took notice...

Bluray: *holding his head* Hi Eryka.

Richard:..Eryka? Sort of reminds me of my brother... what a coincidence.

Bluray: *spin dashes through the Robot's "chest'* How so?

Richard:...You're really gonna ask that? *punchers a hole into a robot and takes out its wiring and whatever else technology*

Bluray: Yup.

Richard:...ERIK. ERYKA. COMPARE THOSE TWO NAMES. *elbows another Robot*

Bluray: I thought you meant something el-- Nevermind. *kills a different robot*

Richard:*kills a robot that looks like a hermaphrodite*

Eva: o.o'

"Since when is that up for debate at a time like this?" Eryka said as she tried to punch through a robot using her tonfas.

Richard:Bwah bwah bwah! *fires a beam out of his mouth destroying any robot within a foot's range*

Bluray: How useless....where is everyone...

Richard: Erik shoved Gina up his ass...

Bluray: K. Why does THAT matter?

Richard:You tell me.

Bluray: It DOESN'T.


Bluray: Hypocrite? I'm asking YOU if you can find a way it matters. Cause I sure as hell can't.

Richard:It makes you look like a hypocrite on account of the fact you said "Where is Everyone", and I shared my reason, and you asked me how it mattered.

Bluray: When I said where is everyone I meant the citzens. You think they would've watche--...JOSH!

Josh: Hi Bluray... *looks with an evil smirk*

Richard:Well, if you put it THAT way, you could have AT LEAST elaborated. *glares at Josh*

Josh: How's a goin'?

Bluray: =_=

Richard:What do you think, genius?

Josh: Weary...

Richard:*sighs heavily*

Josh: You'll see soon.

Richard:*sighs heavier*

Bluray: *rolls his eyes*

Richard:Way to bring it, drama queen. *Picks up a robot, throws it into the air and fires a blast at it from his palm, causing it to explode* Fireworks are awesome.

Josh: *flies up in his mech*

Riley: *sighs*

Josh: Don't worry....I'LL bring it. *puts up a dome not allowing them to escape*


Josh: It's sad you had to come along... *looks at notepad* Richard! Don't you know Bluray is a jinx!

Aleah, Annie and Yipper: :/ Oh god, why did we come along?

Josh: Goodie. I get to kill four stones with ONE flood.

Yipper: You're jokes suck.

Josh: Well good luck guys. Within six hours the dome will flood, killing you AND anyone foolish enough to stay around the city.

Bluray: *fearingly runs to the sewer top*

Josh: Sorry. Bolted shut. Even if you manage to get down the is just a circle that goes underground. Escape is sparce.

Annie: Is that Riley!

Riley: *rubs shoulder and turns away*

Aleah: How could she...

Josh: Well...bye. *flies off*

Yipper: You know, what a coward! He can't kill you in combat so using water HAS to substitute.

(Goddamnit, I need more frequent reminders. I don't know what to do now.)

Richard: Joke's on him. I know the doggie paddle

Aleah: What about when the entire PLACE is full of water?

Richard:I'm mad now.

Bluray: *sees the water begining to arises from the sewer* Oh God...

Richard:When I get out, I'll have a bone to pick with that "Josh" prick...

Bluray: *gets in a car*


Bluray: There'll be a way.

Richard:*Sighs* What car is it?

Bluray: I don't know.

Terra: I like swimming but this is silly

Bluray: WHEN DID YOU GET HERE! *drives car down the street wanting to escape her*

Terra: Ive been here

Bluray: Oh...

Terra: Yup :3

Bluray: So what now?

Richard:*Looks at Terra*....

Bluray: She's a stalker.

Aleah: Not just a stalker your's.

Richard:*sits down in a corner*

Bluray: Well nothing to do but wait...


Eryka was trying to figure out what was going on.

Aleah: I miss Banzai....

Richard:*curls up in the corner still mubling "Future"*

It begins raining and storming.

Bluray: Huh... *wateer hits his nose* How the...


Bluray: I don't know how...but if we don't act soon...> *water emerges from the sewer* We're done.

Richard:To hell with it....

Bluray: *begins climbing a building* Exactly.

Richard:*sits in the corner*

Water: *rising*


Yipper: What is it Richard?

Richard:Considering the rising water I feel doomed.

Bluray: We'll find a way.

Eryka was climbing a building with Bluray, quite easily at that.

Bluray: Hey Eryka.

"Oh hey, Bluray." Eryka said, although rather casually despite the situation...

Bluray: *continues climbing*

Terra: -raises a piece of ground to rais her up- Hi guys

Bluray: Heh, hey Terra.

Richard:You know what.... screw this.... this is an illusion! A figment of your imagination! He's playing mind games! I know it!

Bluray: What would be the point?

Aleah: Psychiatric trauma, is what I'd presume.

Eryka looked over at Terra, already being rather high up because uhhh... squirrels, y'know?

Yipper: *uses an elevator* Obvious soloution is obvious.

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