Bluray's Bad Fur Daze

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BlurayOrignals (Season 1)

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Apallo The Hedgehog

Bluray's Bad Fur Daze is a spinoff of Mr.Zaya's Isaiah And Shred's Adventures. The stories/plot usually last as a whole continuity, and usually occur during or after an episode of Isaiah And Shred. It is a priviate RP series between Bluray, Apallo, and Zaya. All others must ask.

TV-PG Rating No more then 10 Main CHracaters

Cast Edit

Main CharactersEdit

Bluray The Fox - The Main Protagonist of the Series who as very sporadic luck at times causing what Aleah, Annie and Yipper call "Bluray's Bad Fur Daze". He doesn't like to take things seriously unless absouloutly needed.

Aleah The Fox -

Yipper The Bat -

Annie The Cat -

Terra the Cat -

Isaiah The Red Wolf-

Recurring Characters Edit

Joshua The Mole-

Riley The Cat-

Necko The Hedgehog

Eva The Hedgegoose

Axel The Hedeghog-

Theme SongsEdit


Season 1Edit

  1. Bluray's Bad Flood Daze
  2. Bluray's Bad Valentine's Day (Bluray & Apallo)
  3. Bluray's Bad Valentine's Day Part 2 (Bluray & Apallo)
  4. Bluray's Bad Hair Day Part 1 (Mr. Zaya)
  5. Bluray's Bad Hair Day Part 2 (Mr.Zaya)
  6. Ferham Returns
  7. Field Day Frenzy Part 1: Bluray's Return to Schooland
  8. Field Day Frenzy Part 2: The Blundered Games
  9. Field Day Frenzy Part 3: Spite/Night/Plight to the Finish
  10. NiGHTS' Haunted Hotel of Horrible Heinous Havoc and Homicide
  11. Blue and Chewie's Excellent Adventure
  12. A Terra-ble choice
  13. The Pablo Chronicles 


  1. Bluray and Brad (2012)
  2. Bluray-Chewie (2012?-2013)

  • It starts out with her on her own
  • Fighting alone
  • She turns to her friends for help
  • They fight against Bett's spirit
  • She tricks them into thinking she lost
  • Jacks Terra
  • Tricks them
  • Reveals her struggle
  • And they go after her dad.


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