A basic structure for writing out television show pages. At the beginning of the page write a little bit about the premise, reception and some awards. Don't go overboard though as these three topics have their own sections.


Write a bit about the basic plot of the show.

Development              Edit

Write about the history and origins of the show.


Make a link to a page feature a list of characters. Only note important characters in this section.


Here you write not about episodes, but rather when seasons were started, ended, promos that were released and anything else.


Write about the OST of the show.

Awards and NominationsEdit

Make a table and show us what awards a show has won or been nominated for.


If the show was ever popular enough to gain a movie or two write down the movie(s) and provide links to their pages.

Related MediaEdit

This is where you put comics, manga, books, video games, toys and other such things. With possible links.


The show. How it impacted society if at all. What critics and the average person thought/think of the show.

Home ReleasesEdit

Was the show ever released on any home format (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray ETC)? Make a table including all of these releases


Mainly for logos, promos, pictures from the intro or pics of the main cast. Never from actual episodes of the series


Add little tidbits of info not fit for any sections here.

References and External LinksEdit

Put places that helped you find this info here.

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