This page here will assist you in making pages for characters. Many thanks to SNN for providing a lot of the basic premises for the character sections! They truly know how to give info!

Concept and CreationEdit

Here you simply explain the origins of the character, how and why they were created. In real life.


This is where you explain the fictional history of the character.


Describe the way the character acts and such.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Often characters on TV shows will have other counterparts that appear in video games and comics and such. 

Television Series and Movie(s)Edit

If the character started as a video game or books character they'll have this section.

Video GamesEdit

If the character started as a book, TV or movie  character they'll have this section.


If this character started as a TV, movie or video game character they'll have have this section.


Regardless where the character started, if they appeared as a cameo in another piece of media (such as the Powerpuff Girl Bubbles appearing in the Chowder episode "The Heist") they'll have this section.


Describe characters traits and abilities. If they're in a show taking place in the real life (such as "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) describes traits they have such as taking karate, or being geniuinly strong.


Here is where you write the fears or the physical weaknesses of a character.


Here  you have a group of "Heading 3"s for each character. Under the character's heading you write their relationship and possibly a link to a relationship page.


Write what fans/critics think of the character.


Voice actors/actresses and live actors and actresses. The usual. Not in list form though if the VAs have a story behind them.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Make sure the quotes are memorable and not fodder.

Theme SongsEdit

If this character has a theme song or songs add them here.


Some of the gallery can be here but if the character has a lot of artwork/pictures give them a seperate page.


Add stuff about them here such as, there favorite food.

References and External LinksEdit

Give credit to places you found information.

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