Bīingu No Shin'nen O Koete (Beyond Belief Beings better known as "Gods") are extremely powerful beings that have obtained their powers from a certain source or have it naturally. These beings are so poweful they unrightfully take the title of a "God". Most are of good alignmet

Characters Edit

Hero Edit

  • Drakosonu (later spilit into Drako and Sonu)
  • Sunburst the Hedgehog (at a young age discovered Blossom's domain Chaos Heaven. Him and his allies)
  • Luana the Hedgehog (Sunburst's wife who also discovered it with him.)
  • Terridor the ????
  • Skyla the ???
  • Apallo the Hedgehog (The first child of Sunburst and Luana)
  • Diana the Hedgehog (The second Child of the two)
  • Lunas the Hedgehog (the third child of Sunburst and Luana. Half of his power was hid away in the Lunar
  • Apallo Jr. the Hedgehog
  • Kris the Hedgefox
  • Palutena
  • Hyperion (Father of Drako And Sonu)
  • Pugatory (Brother of Hyperion)
  • McScruff (Supposed Descendant of Drako)

Neutral Edit

Dark Edit

  • Hades the ???????
  • Medusa
  • Lairus

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