Apallo And Bluray are after Nina Kintobot who has recreated Metal Apallo and Metal Bluray to kidnapp Fiona and Terra. What lies ahead of our two heroes..the Saga Contitues in.....APALLO THE HEDGEHOG 4!


Apallo The Hedgehog: Orange, firey and fast...Apallo saved mobious from The Kintobots Many Times Over. He Can Spindash and Boost his way into the most dangerous of Places.

Bluray the Fox: Running on water with seemingly oblivious nature it's Bluray!

Fiona Fox: Fiona is Apallo's Fionce who was aducted by Metal Apallo.

Terra the Cat: She is in love wiht bluray.....

Metal Apallo and Bluray: The Metalic Duo that knows eveything the heroes know. Apallo and Bluray must defeat these things again

Kintobot The II: She killed her father......destroied the Gods even Created a Planet to Kill Apallo and Bluray on. She needs the Girls to Awaken The 4th DoomsDay Machine Her father kept from her.


Star Valley

Tropic East

Melodic Factory

Oil Towers

Crystal Ruin

Grave Pyrmid

Launch Base

Crystal Core

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