It's Apallo's 20th Birthday and His frinds are Going ot have a Birthday Party for him Just like in Sonic Generations you could already tell what kind of party it is. But Good tidings soon come to an end as an un-expected guest crashes the party as it sends Apallo and his friends to a void (yes this will be differeent to Sonic Generations) And then Apallo and Bluray Meet Thier Kid selves and team up with them to save thier friends, Fight thier rivals and Unraval the truth abotu the mysterious new enemy.

Along the new answers will be uncovered. And The Fate of Existance is on the line


Main HeroesEdit

Modern Apallo

Classic Apallo

Modern Bluray

Classic Bluray

Modern Aleah

Classic Jason (Bumblebee for the Time Being)


Lunas the Hedgehog

Metal Apallo

Apallo Jr

Isaiah The Red Wolf


Dr. Kintobot Sr. (Classic Dr. K)

Neo Dr. Kintobot (Moden Dr.K)

Time Eater: Void

Time Eater: Dark

Time Eater: Black

Captive FriendsEdit

Classic EraEdit

Diana the Hedgehog

Fiona the Fox

Shock the Hedgehog

Present EraEdit

Dean the Shark

Sonic The Hedgehog

Leaona the Cat

Future EraEdit

Maximillion "Maxwell/Max" the Hedgegoose Hybrid

Silver the Hedgehog

Maia The Cat

Autum the Hedgegoose Hybird

"Boss" VilliansEdit

Classic EraEdit

Boss 1: Kinto-Stomper From "Apallo The Hedgehog 1"

Boss 2: Kinto Beetle "Apallo The Hedgehog 2"

Boss 3: Stardust Runner "Apallo and the God Stones"

Era Boss: Hades "Apallo The Hedgehog 3"

Present EraEdit

Boss 1: Kinto-Crawler "Apallo Adventure"

Boss 2: Crystal Reaper "Apallo 4: Crystal Dimension"

Boss 3:

The LocationsEdit


  1. Star Hill
  2. Cyber Base
  3. Cryan Forest


  1. Starlight Coast
  2. Future City
  3. Mello Island

Future EraEdit

  1. Metaliac Paradice
  2. Arcania Night
  3. Planet Soulra

Intro: Time WarpedEdit

Ahhhhh Here We See Young Apallo and his Bestfriend Bluray rushing though Star Hill Zone. Oh Did I foget to menchion? This is the Duo's first Adventure Together (think of it as Apallo 2) and they are on thier way to defeat the Evil Dr.K (Kintobot) But Unknowing for the heroes they will be set on an adventure that will be though time and space itself.

Chapter 1 Classic: Star Hill Classic Edit

C.Bluray: Apallo!

C.Apallo: :) -waves and does a fist pump-

C.Bluray: Happy birthday!

C.Apallo:-sees a Burger and Scarfs it down- -sees Dr.Kintobot in his hover Beetle fly over head-

C. Bluray: *head bashes* It's Kintobot!

Star Hill Act 1:Edit

C.Apallo: -is running and bashing Kill-botz and then sees if Bluray is Catching Up-

Bluray: Wait up!

-the Duo ran and ran and ran-

C.Apallo: -spindashes though a hoop-

C.Bluray: *goesaround hoope* LIKE A BAWSS! What's that!!!!!!!

-a purple-blue could appears and makes the world white and bluray along with it-

C. Apallo: >:( -jumps up at it but get knockes out-

C.Bluray: NOOOOOO! -is in pergatory-

???:-throws Apallo into the portal to the White World-

Chapter 2 Cutscene: The Time Eaters AttackEdit

Present Day Mobius National Park


Terra: Ok Blu <3-gets down-

Fiona: He'll love this

Diana: Yep ^^

Bluray: *ducks next to Terra* He's almost here.

Apallo: -runs in- Hey Guys U havin A Paty Or Something?

Isaiah:That's what I want to know.


Apallo: Awww thanks guys

Bluray: No prob!

-after a while everyoen is talking-

Apallo: -scarfs down food like Goku-

Bluray: ...

Apallo: DIG IN GUYS!

Isaiah:...Woo hoo! *starts eating the food*

Bluray: O.O *picks up a pizza*

Aleah: Still picky?

Bluray: -_

-then a huge purple portal opens and a black-blue, black-puple, and black-fushia cloudly like creatures come out of a portal making 11 gates that suck apallo's friends away-

Void: Mission Completed

Black: Muahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

Bluray: APALLO!

Isaiah:*gets up* Huh!

-Black:-grabs Isaiah- I have A Plan For you Isaiah the red Fox- throws him inside a Black Portal-

Apallo Hey Not Cool! -charges at the time eaters but gets electracuted and sent flying onto the ground-

Isaiah:Red FOX? Red Wolf! AHHH!

Aleah: *laughing as she gets taken away* Stupid portal.

-it shocks her as she is being turned to stone-

Aleah: *shocked* Of course. BANZAI!!!

-every thing fades away and Apallo is left sleeping on the ground-

(Either u can contitue the story or go on to the next chapter)

Chapter 3: The White WorldEdit

C.Apallo: -sees Classic Bluray and runs over to help him up-

C.Bluray: Hurry!

C.Apallo: -looks around to see if anyone else is here-

C.Bluray: ?

C.Apallo: =sees some one walk into the doorway that looks like him and runs in after it telling Bluray to stay close-

Modern Star Hill ZoneEdit

Modern Apallo: -boosting and kicking Kintodroid but- -homing attacks all of the airbore bots untilll- -he sees a statue of bluray- BLU?!

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